Poll - CFL Team Cloth Face Masks

Which CFL Team's Cloth Face Mask Have You Purchased?
  • Saskatchewan Roughriders
  • Calgary Stampeders
  • Winnipeg Blue Bombers ("The Champs")
  • Edmonton Football Club
  • BC Lions
  • Hamilton Tiger-Cats ("2019 Finalist")
  • Montreal Alouettes
  • Toronto Argonauts
  • Ottawa RedBLACKS

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It wasn't really a purchase but I received 3 of them through my season ticket package.

Received two for my season’s tickets, then bought six more as early Christmas presents. Should have bought “youth” sized for my grandkids and daughter-in-law, he says now!

LOL. Bought my pack at RealSports but yes, great gift.

Hmm. Yes. Great gift.

Still debating if I will go to games. If I do, I will, definitely, wear my Lions mask.

We have not purchased any masks but we had an abundance of fabric with Rider logos (Bandanas, etc). We made dozens. I was wearing a Rider mask even before the Riders (or CFL) began to sell them. I got copius comments from people and even had workers in the Rider Store at Mosaic asking where I got mine.

Nice. I bought mine at Real Sports which is official Argos merchandise store.

I got two as a STH with the Cats but in all honestly I've only worn them a few times . My son got me a Saints mask for Christmas which I'm currently wearing when I do go out to do my shopping .

Like the Saints. But not so sure they will beat Bears. Got mine at Real Sports but do not wear if I am already wearing Argo hat or toque.

Toronto.com events calendar will have Toronto Argo cloth face mask campaign starting February 1 - May 3 2021. So tell all Argos fans to watch for this. Buy pack of cloth face masks from Real Sports online and part of proceeds go to second Harvest Food Rescue. And, of course, topical since you will also be protecting yourself from COVID-19 and supporting Argos in lead to this season. Would like to see a "Sea of CFL Fans in CFL Cloth Face Masks" either in stadiums or, pubs, or, at home watching games on TSN this season. The NFL is getting boring.

Here's an image of two Argo cloth face masks I bought online from Real Sports in Toronto. I bought a pack of three for $30. I figure, since there seem to be about 200,000 viewers of CFL games based on most recent ratings information, it should not be too hard to sell, let's say, 23,000 packs of CFL team branded face masks across Canada. This would net the league over $400K in revenue. That's not a lot, but, then again, how could one not expect to sell way more than 23,000 cloth face masks at a time like this? Selling 200,000 packs of cloth face masks would net the league over $3.5 million based on my budget cost estimates of running an online cloth face mask marketing campaign. No, that's not $400 million, however, you are starting to get into revenue territory to help the teams that are struggling (and not all are, we know that) get through next season if they can play. Just my two cents worth.