Poll: CBA, do you side with the players or owners?


A lot has been said about the current CBA negotiations. Some people side with the owners, others side with the players. It’s time to see how much for each.

Vote early and vote often! :stuck_out_tongue:

The players are the game. The owners risk their money, the players risk their health. No contest. Johnny is also a union man, so Johnny sides with the players.

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Not sure Johnny understands the Yankee reference in this context?

Now this , this is a poll !!! Not like that other recent poor excuse of a poll that was started by that “Usual Suspect” who shall remain nameless…****cough,cough ,hack,hack KR2***** ;D :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ll borrow a quote from Gary Bettman when describing on a successful franchise. There must be 3 pillars.

  1. Market
  2. Venue
  3. Ownership

There may be a few other places in the country that can support a team but with only venues available in those 9 existing markets, there is nowhere else to go if you don’t have pillar #3.

Until we see the day where is bidding wars for franchises driving up then you need a system in place where you can attract good ownership. In the absence of that, we have seen teams don’t operate and jobs are the lost for the players.

Until that changes, I need to lean towards option 2 but there needs to be good partnership between the two.

Difficult to choose a side when you don’t know the offers and the demands.

I hope for the best for both parties.


Who you calling Yankee?

Right on.


It is sooooo difficult to choose sides.

“Both Parties” is the right answer.

“applied by the Confederates to the soldiers of the Federal army”.

the Federal army was called the Union army most of the time.

So if a strike actually happens. What will be the main issue. Starting Ratio being cut from 7 to 6 or 5? Hard to find the majority of the International players wanting to strike over that.
More Money and increase minimum? Maybe, but the players know they have to be realistic. But it would be something all the players would be in agreement on. However, the Union is made up of veterans who wouldn’t want their slice of the pie cut to increase rookie pay. The main thing with this issue would maybe be the salary cap tied to revenues. So if the League can generate more income next year or the year after, the players will automatically get a raise as well. Not have to wait until the contract expires.

Better Health benefits? Again most would be onboard, but will they go to the wall on that. The league will likely being offering some improvements there.

Thanks. Johnny gets it now! :slight_smile:

When it comes to the CFL and NLL, I usually always side with the players.

When it comes to NFL, NBA, NHL and etc, I usually always side with the Owners.


I just want to see a fair deal. One that is less about bumping the cap’s top end and more about putting some dollars to the base. Also…something that at minimum protects a player more than a year out should he have a quality of life changing event while playing.

I don’t want to see profit sharing…not yet. I think it is getting close, but I’d prefer the league to hold that for a couple seasons after the 10th team us added. I’d prefer that the teams see a couple years of 2.0 before decisions there were made. In a low margin league that already failed on a profit sharing system…i think they need to look at how all of this starts shaping

I can’t really side with either. Not when the union and ownership has put tickets to a price that the average household can’t afford

Same. I don’t follow it as much others, so I don’t know all the issues. I won’t pick a side based on that.

I dunno about profit sharing. It sounds good for some teams and bad for others, but as long as the incentive to actually own a team and make a reasonable (whatever that is) profit isn’t removed, it could in theory strengthen the underpinnings of the League. The CFL seems to me to be an unusual case in that it’s the small market teams that are making the most money, with the big markets struggling. Forking over hard-earned profits to a team in a market five or ten times the size of yours could really stick in the craw.

I am not taking sides. It is the players and owners contracts, they are negotiating it. If they aren’t happy with it, it is on them.

I was so looking forward to this next season with Mike Reilly in BC, but now I think I could do without it. Let the players see if anyone else will do better by them. You either want to play or you don’t. You don’t come to the CFL to get rich. At least most don’t.