POLL - Burris Signing

:thup: An endorsement like that coming from the leagues greatest receiver should tell all the negative doubters something. I think Geroy might know a thing or two about what makes a QB great. :thup:

So they traded for a QB who will be 37 in June? Insane!! And Mark Dewit filled in pretty well on the O-line when Hage went down. Obviously they aren't building for the future with this deal.

IMO, the Stamps won this deal hands down.

Also, to make a trade of this importance without the input of a HC or OC makes absolutely no sense to me. Obie is floundering badly at this point. The organization is in a mess.

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So what would you suggest for building for the future?
Keep Kevin Glenn?
Give up half of your prospects and draftpicks for Macpherson?
Glenn was gone anyways as some have pointed out, so acquiring Burris for Mark DeWit, a player who has 6 games in the league for Henry Burris is a steal.
This whole thing dropped into Obies lap and he jumped on it.
This organization just got a whole lot better and they had to.
Think about it.
The East team QB’s are Calvillo, Ray, Burris and Pierce.
Going into next season with our last years QB’s would have been a mess!
Also I cannot see the new Head Coach being disappointed because he just inherited a sure thing CFL Hall of Fame QB

Did we run the ball effectively against Winnipeg in the East Final? Dewit "filled in," but certainly didn't stand out. Hage is coming back to start next year, and the Ticats have other young Canadian O Linemen in the pipeline.

Burris is simply a better QB than Glenn. He is more experienced and decorated, has a stronger arm and can run the ball effectively himself, which Glenn rarely did.

If you were interviewing to be Ticat HC, would you rather come to a team who has Glenn slotted to start, or Burris?

Without Cortez this deal will be a bust and OB will be gone next this is a real gamble there is no vetran HC out there other than Cortez????

BC - 1st year H/C
Edm- 2nd year H/C
Sask.-1st year H/C
Win.-3rd year H/C
Tor. -1st year H/C
Ham. - ? Cortez or Burke are tremendous candidates

Only Cal. and Mont. have seasoned H/C’s and if Cortez becomes our H/C I would rate his experience well ahead of Benevides, Chamblis, Milanovich, and Reed.
If it is Burke he is at least even.
An excellent QB can make a H/C look very good, the same as a very poor QB can make an excellent H/C look very bad.

If this was a 30 year old Henry Burris, the Cats win the deal but the man will soon be 37. I fully expect him to have a strong camp and even have a strong start to the season but it's an 18-game season and at 37, he will wear down by Labor Day.

He WAS a very good starting QB but he isn't anymore. At 37, he's on the downside of his career.

I would've kept Glenn and brought in an understudy with more upside than Porter or Boltus. Or I`d give Montreal what it wanted for McPherson.

An Argo-Cat fan

I always take comments made by professional athletes
at the end of a frustrating season "with a grain of salt."

Especially those from a QB who feels he's been disrespected.

Kevin had to come down to earth in the real world

The CFL is an 8 team league and if he wanted a job
he had to accept the job whatever the circumstances.

I completely disagree with everything you've posted in this topic so far. Look at the stats of Burris for 2011. Comparable to all of the top QBs in the league. Calvillo is 3 years older and has had some tremendous success past the age of 37. Obviously the signing of Burris is not a long term thing, but if the guy has 2-3 decent years left in him, then why not give the Cats a chance to compete against the improved Argos or Bombers. Without a star QB we will end up in the basement in the 2012 season.

As for the understudy part, I think that Porter and Boltus would benefit much more from Burris than Glenn. Burris is more versatile with his ability to run which will allow for a much more expanded playbook. Drew Tate seems to have turned out alright under Henry's tutelage. If Porter is not the answer then the Cats might be able to sign some young NCAA gunslinger such as Kellen Moore from Boise State. Who better to have here for that mentorship than a Henry Burris?

AC is 40 this year. Guess he stinks too.

Montreal would have wanted a lot more than just Glenn and Dewit for MacPherson. That deal would have gutted our young talent base.

8) But the exact same thing is true with Burris !!
  He said that he wanted to only be a starter in Calgary, not a back up to Tate !!

   Burris made that comment when he was benched for the last 3 games of the season !!

Maybe so, Tipper, but Burris is signing on to a new team as the starter. Glenn is going to Calgary knowing that he will be a backup to Tate, unless the kid has a really really bad fall during the season.

That's the difference.

He's here let's get on with giving Burris the best team to win with.

8) Actually the difference is, is that Burris is coming here as the starter, because we don't have a starting QB in Hamilton !!
 Glenn at this point either agrees to be the back up in Calgary, or he is out of a job !!

  He would only be the back up on any team in the CFL at this point in time, unless a major injury were to happen.

Wow. Results are pretty evenly balanced between the cynics, the optimists, and those just hoping for something.

That's the usual around these parts. 8) :lol:

Glenn is going into almost the exact same situation that he came here in.
Backing up a young QB who took over the starting job in the last few games of the last season. Only difference is Tate's been there for about 4 years, whereas Porter had only been here for 1.
Last time Glenn went into this he ended up the starter for 2+ years, so he know there's the chance that could happen again.

It's actually a smart move by Calgary. If Tate chokes or gets injured they can put in a 10 year seasoned vet until things get smoothed over. That's how Glenn took over #1 spot in Hamilton. Good luck to him.

I am stoked that Burris is in the lair. Even being five years older than Glenn, he simply has more tools in his box than Glenn does, IMHO. Provided he has the right HC-OC fit to showcase his rollout/scrambling abilities and his big VERTICAL arm, he will be an upgrade on the field. Make no mistake: Burris can still throw guys open. This was never Kevin Glenn's forte because of his arm strength re intermediate and deep throws. I can take a few more divots in the short game for the prospect of more big plays downfield. This is the big play ability that this team needs to go over the top offensively.

Porter is a placeholder for another guy to emerge as the backup IMHO. Boltus is a project, so I hope another QB or three is brought in to make training camp more interesting. Time will tell.

As for the defence, I hope Tim Burke is hired. That is the fix that can make this team a Grey Cup contender. Burke's schemes are sound and he stresses attacking the ball. We need to find the terrain closer to Sudsy and less this Marshall bend-but-please don't score again style or Chamblin's unsound defensive "pressure sieve" approach. Make the backend play sounder and send your main hunter (Baggs) on a Montford retrospective and your will have the bookends of terror that I expected last year. We need more coverage sacks and less ""kamikaze-light"-- that is the recipe for better D play in 2012.

Oski Wee Wee,


Ok Tipper, but we don't have a starter because we traded him to Calgary for Burris, and he will now be the starter. Burris isn't here by default, Obie is bringing him to Hamilton to hopefully improve on the position, after Glenn showed he could not get it done.