POLL - Burris Signing

Okay. Let's get the sense of the board. Exactly WHY did we bring in Burris?

all of the above.

I'm shocked at how skeptical people are about Burris. I just checked his 2011 stats and his completion % and QB rating are as decent as Calvillo, Ray and Lulay. Calgary's offense was tied for second with only a few points off the leader which was the Als. He had a couple of off nights in 2011 but so did Calvillo and how many did Glenn have? I think that with the right head coach and OC Smiling Hank will have us ALL smiling throughout the 2012 season. He will be hungrier to prove he's still got it. O'Billovich now just needs to get a solid O-line and we will be set.

A bazillion thumbs up, Burris and Reynolds got a raw deal from the Huff, and I really am dying to see Burris prove the haters wrong.Bring on Labour day! :rockin:

I disagree there. Tate out-performed Burris last season, and Cornish out-performed Reynolds. No "raw deal" there, just cases of well-paid vets getting pushed out by younger, cheaper players. Happens all the time. . . the emergence of good, younger, and cheaper receivers in Hamilton pushed out Bruce and Mann, as just one example.

Yes, it's about NOW not trying to develop a younger QB for the future. I would like them to bring in Kerry Joseph as his back up.

He definetly has something to prove.

8) Joseph just signed a new contract with Edmonton a couple of weeks ago.

drummer: Exactly! :thup:

Burris will be an improvement over Glenn.
That being said, I'm beginning to wonder if Obie has any clear idea of where to take this team.
I can see another training camp coming up where the coaches, whoever they may be, will be trying to fit pieces into an overall scheme. A scheme that will not be defined until well into the season, if then.

It's long past the time for Obie to define exactly what kind of team he is trying to build, and to install a core group of players to achieve that goal.

Here is the problem i have with this deal . we shoukld have waited it out until after feb 1 as calgary would have probably released him before that as to save bonus money and salary .But now we will have to pay for it .Also adding Mark Dewit and a conditional draft pick what are you on obie you got fleeced

I think that you have captured my vague concerns and addressed them very well, my friend. I’m seeing tactical moves but not a strategic plan.

Couldn't have said it better myself. I have really tried to have faith and that's not to say that O'Billovich hasn't done anything, but moves like this are clearly desperation moves. I think Burris may be able to contribute something to the team, but he's 36 years old and I don't know how much gas he has left in the tank. He lost his starting job to Tate. Wilf is so right. There is no clear direction. I am even more concerned that we traded Dewit. He did a good job filling in for Marwan. I'm not overjoyed by this move.

This is what Geroy Simon thought of the trade ...

"Hamilton gets alot better with this trade! No disrespect to the other guys. Playing against Hank made me nervous!"

And here's what Avon tweeted...

"welcome aboard boss bring all that winning swag except those red contacts.. cool lets go get em"

They certainly better not be paying him what he was making in Calgary :lol:

And here's what Hufnagel said....

“We don’t have anything to announce at this point in time,? Hufnagel said Monday. “We are continuing to talk to various people and we hope to have something confirmed in the near future.?

Tiger cats have called a press conference for early this afternoon. Meantime, Obie released this statement...

“Henry Burris is a proven winner. He’s a very athletic quarterback with an incredibly strong arm that will bring leadership and experience to our team. Henry possesses all the attributes that we are looking for as the leader of our offence and we’re very excited to see him in Black and Gold,?

Is Hufnagel in some really serious denial??? The loss of Chris Jones must have him in a very bad emotional tail spin!!!!

All reasons in the poll except tutoring. A few tips maybe but they pay coaches to coach.

A and B for sure due to his mobility and an arm that can actually go deep, and probably C as well. Plus the ability to have a single playbook that all three QBs can execute.

I can't wait to see him chuck it downfield to any one of Williams, Thigpen (assuming he's still with us), B Grant, Kelly, or T Grant. I'm thinking this may have been a major reason for signing him. Glenn just couldn't use these guys to their potential.

In all of this talk about the trade, it seems funny to me that Glenn did not even want to share the top job here, but is willing to be a backup in Calgary.

Whether Burris turns out to be an improvement or not, the change will create some optimism among the casual fans and help the team sell tickets. It gives them a fresh angle to push when they are selling the team to fans and sponsors this year.