POLL: Burris - a whiny baby or valid pointmaker?

Do you believe Burris to have a valid point or is just a whiny baby?

for those of you who missed Burris' tirade at halftime, here is the transcript and video in all it's ingloriousness...

"you know there's these guys at TSN who always wanna jump on me every week and here I am out here playing hard trying to help turn around every team in this league and for people who are out there I've turned around 4 teams in this league and I've done it here too so all the people talking jug out there, you can take that and shove it!
all right? that's all I got to say"

[url=http://www.tsn.ca/cfl/video/must-see-burris-sounds-off-on-critics-at-tsn~925618]http://www.tsn.ca/cfl/video/must-see-bu ... tsn~925618[/url]

Me, me , I've ,I've , I, I ............seriously Hank ??? I'm surprised you can fit your helmet on over that swollen head of yours. All you ever hear from this guy is "I did this" and "I did that" and " how great I am". Word to the wise there Hankie boy if you constantly have to tell people how great you think you are, well then maybe you are not as great as YOU think you are. Fragile Hank very Fragile indeed is the person who is so self centred that they have to go through life constantly patting themselves on the back and reminding everybody at every opportunity just how "great" they really are. Just wondering here Hank but have you ever heard of the word WE ? or is it not in your vocabulary ?

Don't kid yourselves for a second, TSN loves this. Drama helps bring ratings, and if a guy wants to feud with the on air personalities, they'll be more than happy to oblige.

.....Henry has everyone amped up again...From wearing women's under garments to his controversial rants, he sure knows how to wow a crowd.... :lol: C'mon Henry...ya have to toughen up....people are never going to stop talking and having controversial opinions...Part of the game and darn good that it is.. :wink:

Yup. they're eatin' it up

sadly, this is a notable trait with Hank as his ratio of I’s to WE’s are far too contrasting on many an occasion.
you’d think someone of his mature stature who has been in this league for 18 years now would have thicker skin.

love the drama though. :smiley:

I wonder what Burris would have said at half time if 4 roughing the passer penalties were taken on him? :?

It was the timing of the remark especially the middle of the game that takes an awkward dark turn .

I do like the passion and drive though and before he said that tidbit he did say it was on him and he was taking it on his shoulders for any blame .

As a fan of the team I want my QB to have a swagger even if it's a little over the top . Winning helps the medicine go down.

Hank has a serious ego problem. Also the fact that he thinks he is the one who turned the corner in Hamilton after the depression era from 03-08, he needs to review his history, that would be Kevin Glenn who doesn't talk nearly as much garbage as he does.

Burris is feeling the heat with Trevor Harris breathing down his neck. Ottawa is so much better with Harris in charge. There is no way Ottawa will get anywhere with Burris. He is on the slide now and I doubt with his Salary that he will be around next year. It's Trevor Harris's team now.

I agree with Burris.

This guy has turned out to be a whiney little pr...er...baby. First, Simoni Lawrence is out to knock him out of the league with a clean, hard hit...though a REDBLACKS guy trying to take Jeff Matthews' head off (and causing a concussion that put Matthews on the sidelines for the playoffs) was "part of the game." And now this...

And I love how he claims that he has done the CFL such a big favour by "turning around" four teams in his career...let's look at that one.

When he joined Calgary the first time, they had been to back-to-back Grey Cups, and he did nothing for them before running out on them to join Saskatchewan...where he led them from a 3 win season to an amazing 5 win season...NOW THAT'S A RESCUE!!!!!

Whereupon he left for the NFL and "turned around" two NFL teams, the Packers and Bears...

Saskatchewan then gave him a chance to resurrect his career when they resigned him...and he led them, in 2004, to two fewer wins than in the previous year...both times, they lost in the Western Final, so it's not like Hank broke them through...and then he left again for Calgary...

He did improve Calgary from a 4 win team in 2004 to an 11 win team in 2005...oh yeah, Calgary also got rid of Matt Dunigan as Coach/GM in 2004 and brought in a real coach in Tom Higgins (sorry Matt - had to be said), so that might have had something to do with the improvement as well...maybe Higgins was the rescuer?

In fact, when Hank won the Grey Cup in 2008, it was under John Hufnagel, one of the best coaches the league has ever seen...and while in Calgary, he kept losing playoff games to Saskatchewan...

So he comes to Hamilton, and. as 2ez pointed out above, takes credit for "rescuing" them from being a playoff team under Kevin Glenn in 2011 (that beat Anthony Calvillo in a playoff game in Montreal), to a last-place team in 2012...and the guy he was traded for, the aforementioned Kevin Glenn, took Calgary to the Grey Cup that year, something Hank COULDN'T do the year before...so again, who rescued who?

(who rescued whom? Can never remember which is right...a little help please)

Hank did take Hamilton to a Grey Cup in 2013, but again, only after what turned out to be a lousy coach, George Cortez, was replaced by a great coach, Kent Austin (so, again, who was the rescuer?)...and Bad Hank crapped the bed, as he is wont to do in big games (the lasting memory I have is him not paying attention as a shotgun snap flies past him). Of course, in 2014, Hamilton almost (should have?) won the Grey Cup, with the guy that Austin chose to replace Hank with (Zach Collaros). That seems to be a pattern...teams do better AFTER Hank leaves....

Keep talkin' Smilin' Hank...you'll be in the Hall of Fame some day, but will always be remembered for what you can't do, and that's be a consistently good QB, and win a big one...and the TSN panel nailed you on that...great legacy, you immature little...and for god sakes, quit taking credit for things you've rarely, if ever, done....

Why though? He was the darling of the media last year and he took it all in stride throwing out some of the most egotistical quotes along the way to the Grey Cup, and also the panel for whatever reason defended him tooth and nail last year after he showed his hypocrisy calling out Simoni during the halftime of a game...for a clean hit. Dude just likes to hear himself speak and the older he gets the more entitled he seems to be, I really never used to have a problem with Hank but the end of his stint in Hamilton and time in Ottawa has really made me see him differently, it has always been "Me" and "I" since he joined the RedBlacks, when the men who should get real credit are the Hunt and his group, Desjardins and Campbell. Burris has been a big part of it no doubt but you'd swear by the way he talks he has been playing 1v12 for the last three years.

Needed the option, "Both".

I'd like to see evidence of those "egotistical quotes." He's a straight talker, a guy with a good opinion of himself but who has earned that opinion through a great CFL career. He's also never been afraid to shoulder the blame when things go wrong. I think his assessment of those lazy hacks at TSN is dead on. Stegall aside, they're just a bunch of washed-up has-beens talking about a game they increasingly know very little about. None of them would last two minutes in today's CFL and they know it.

Has Burris been the only reason teams have resurged? No. But he has played a significant role in the revitalization of many teams in this league. He's not wrong about that. He led Calgary to a Grey Cup. Took Hamilton the big game. Took Ottawa to the big game last year. Without Henry Burris, what would Ottawa have done in 2015? Jack squat, with Demarco injured and nobody proven or experienced to step in. Show me another active CFL quarterback, or even one from the past decade, who has done what Burris has done. You can't. And yet journalists, media heads, and fans seem to take delight on pi$$ing on him from a great height. Is it any wonder he has a chip on his shoulder?

And oh ... Ottawa won the game last night.

I'd like to see the clip. I had the TV muted and missed it during the game.

Took teams to the big game when they provided him with talent and coaching...

In Hamilton, Kevin Glenn took them to the playoffs...Burris comes in and finishes last, while Glenn goes to Calgary (Hank's old team) and takes them to the Grey Cup

(an aside...they used to say Bear Bryant was a great coach because "he can take his'n and beat your'n, then take your'n and beat his'n"...well, that's what made Kevin Glenn a better QB than Hank)

Hamilton brings in a coach that minimizes the number of mistakes Burris can make (uses LeFevour and Masoli in QB-run packages against teams that Burris stunk against, including Montreal in the Eastern final) and they get to the big game, where, as usual, Hank craps the bed when Austin leaves him to be the one to win the game...Austin gets rid of him, gives the keys to Collaros, and instead of getting killed in the Grey Cup, Collaros almost (most say, should have) won the game...again, get rid of Hank, your team's chances improve...

Oh yeah, the year that Collaros almost won the Grey Cup, Hank takes a team to a 2-16 record...is that a "rescue," or is it a rescue when the GM provides him with talent and makes his life easy...and remember, he still almost lost the Eastern Final to a 4th string QB named Jeremiah Masoli....

You can argue as easily that teams are successful in spite of Henry Burris, rather than because of Henry Burris...he will go into the Hall of Fame...and still be remembered as a guy who was more likely to lose than win the big one....

That's every great QB in the history of the game. So why are you piling on Burris?

Give the guy credit for doing great things with 3+ teams in the league. That's not something any QB has done in recent memory, and certainly not at or near age 40.

I believe he said “so all the people talking junk out there…”