Poll: Biggest mistake in CFL history?

[i]Oh yeah! Time to vote for the biggest mistake committed in CFL history. A mistake, a blunder so bad it broke the team, or even the league for years afterward!

The kind of mistake where one screams "what were they thinking?". Johnny has chosen 5 major eff ups of CFL history. Only one can be THE BIGGEST MISTAKE IN CFL HISTORY.

Vote early and vote often! :cowboy: [/i]

allowing Johnny to start moronic and negative threads in this forum

I was going to say Als trading David Green & Keith Baker to Hamilton for the rights to Vince Ferragamo in the 80s, but I might like your answer better. :smiley:

Beat me to it

CFL needed the expansion money the league was in trouble .
SK. 13 th man , doesn’t get any worse . You never get over something like that . Nothing close to it , before or after !

I am not going to say expansion, because without it, we would not have a team back in Montreal..

And the Colts/CFLs/Stallions, were a success.. In fact, it was fun to watch CFL football in Baltimore

I voted for the 13th man. That was the worst.
No excuse for that. That is a mistake that will happen in pre-season.
When you are playing your 20 th or 21 st game, you should know your job on the special teams.

BTW, the 13 th man was Sean Lucas .

As for US expansion, hindsight is 20/20.
The CFL did not let the bleeding continue at least and dumped them.

Also, if people have a problem with a poll or thread, the simple thing is to just ignore it.
No need for the name calling.

Speaking of 20/20, bet the GM in Hamilton that traded AC to the Als wishes he had a time machine.

Actually I clicked thinking, "I know it's going to be a troll thread, I'm going to regret clicking on this, it's going to be a troll thread, it's going to be a troll thread..."

"...oh, it's not a troll thread...."

He might actually be on the way to rehabilitation...

Plus, it ended up bringing the Als back into the fold.

Plus, it made for some exciting action on-field (at least I thought so).

Plus, it added a nationalistic element to the two Grey Cups involving Baltimore.

It was a fun time to be a fan.

As already stated in previous posts, would have said US expansion, but alot of positives came from this once it ceased.

Money, trained players for CFL rules, Montreal's return and I liked the idea of having more than 8 or 9 teams in the league.

13th man, most costly mistake in Grey Cup ever.

Hamilton didn't trade AC, he became a FA & wasn't re-signed. I believe it was Ron Lancaster, who was a new hire at the time & brought Danny Mac, Darren Flutie & Cody Ledbetter with him. Ledbetter became the backup, as he had backed up McManus in Edm.

As a TiCats fan, one of the biggest mistakes or boneheaded moves was when Ralph Sazio traded away Tony Gabriel back in the '70s. With Sazio it was his way or the highway. IIRC, Gabriel was holding out for more money (due to increase in season games played?). Sazio was known to be "frugal" so there was no way re salary increase so Gabriel was shipped off to Ottawa for peanuts.

It is a slow progression, this thread was made as a shot at Jones and the Riders for sure, but he did exhibit some good CFL knowledge with his other options lol

What about the CFL allowing the Gliebermans to buy a team twice and actually run 3 different teams during their fantastic CFL career?? Honestly blows my mind they ended up running the Renegades after their first tenure in Ottawa, I wasn't around for it but from what I read it was an absolute disaster the first time.


Don't hang Jones just on the Riders - Should that not be changed to "Jones involvement in the CFL?".

one could add a few more choices

1 - One person owning 2 teams
2 - The new CFL Logo
3 - The Cross over

and lastly

7 - Not sending a search party for Turkeybend 1 or 2.

Jones was always tearing down the Riders this year. He needs to be judged on year 2. Besides DUMB DUMB................I mean pom pom Pederson , nobody had this team in the playoffs.

He's only crashed and burned with the Riders, because they made him GM in addition to head coach when he had zero experience in the former role. So no, the rest of the league doesn't wear Jones as a mistake at all. He's succeeded everywhere he's been except for SSK.

Agreed. #1 on that list is worse than any of the mistakes that were options in the poll

At least as an Argos fan, you got to see them play in Ottawa and Montreal, assuming you lived in the Toronto area, as the networks seemed to televise every Argos away game except those against the Ticats. As a Ticats fan living in Ottawa, it seemed we hardly ever saw the Ticats play. Because their home games and games against Toronto were blacked out in that region, the networks didn't bother broadcasting those games at all. Games against Ottawa were blacked out here. So basically we might get to see them play in Montreal (if televised) or when playing out west (again, if televised).