Poll: Best new nickname for the Riders


The Roughriders are often called by their nicknames; "Green Riders" or "The Riders".

With the catastrophic season the Riders are having, and the controversies surrounding the team and HC-GM Chris Jones; it is time to give the Riders a more appropriate nickname.

Johnny has the following suggestions. Feel free to suggest other nicknames in the comments. If some are really good, Johnny might add them to the poll.

Vote early and vote often! :cowboy: [/i]

[i]Johnny voted "Jonestown". Except, nobody is drinking the Kool aid this time! Everyone can see Chris Jones' fiasco!


Jonestown or Papa Murphy's Dumpsite are appropriate!

I voted for Willy Wonka, but I prefer "The Flat-Landed Slum Riders", as in Jones has turned the organization into slumville.

Yes, let's cheer for a CFL team to be unsuccessful, in a league a large section of the country would like to see disappear. Why, oh, why are there so many f'n morons on this site?

I don't want the Riders to fail at all. I want Jones fired and also banned from ever returning to Canada.

OK so by all these neg remarks helps us fans how, I never wanted him here, yet my team, as a whole and it's fans, get slammed by all you morons, because like most of us here in Rider nation, can't stand the a..hole either, so sick of seeing this, yet my team fills your barns, unlike other teams, yes we get it, everyone hate Chris Jones. The nick name are not funny, yes there are teams I dislike, just because, but I don't slam there fans or team over it!! And you all wonder why these forums are not flooded by new posters.... time for some here to grow up and for the mods to stop this crap, cause that is what it is... crap


Thread made me smile.

It is hard not to hate the Riders.

....this is kind of how i see this thread and the reactions contained therein...as papazoola will testify, the Bombers for years, literally decades at this point, have been the brunt of bottom feeding hazing...and, because of proximity and the Labour Day games, a fair bit of that from rider fans...before this year it became so prevalent that the BBs were going to suck that it almost got unfashionable to taunt them, a sense of pity developed, never a good thing for sports teams but there nonetheless...so rider fans, grow some thicker skin, you've doled it out for years, the circle of life revolves slowly....

Like the Rider guy said, that team goes into other towns and inflates attendances. Is there any need to crap on them (and by that the league as well) to add fodder to the CFL haters who you are giving aid to by adding negative vibes to them on a plate.

A positive perception of the league is vital to sustaining growth and the last few years have seen some chinks to the armor. The league needs more feel good stories than negative crap just for the sake of posting crap. It's the easiest thing in the world to post negativity and how does it help the league. Zero, that's how it helps.

There's enough CFL hating trolls here without adding to the grief. And what's with the childish names given to teams. players and coaches. Seriously how old are some of you guys, three? It's like some here are still in Pampers or is that Depends?

Look at the NFL, they have the same problems with officiating etc but nobody calls them "bush league" about it. Grow the f up.

...oh save the doomsday prophesy, the sky is not falling because some are unleashing on rider fan

No this site is falling because there are so many morons posting here that it chases away any intelligent posters with something to offer.

Chill out people.

Johnny is taking a shot more at Jones as opposed to the Riders.

Rider fans have ripped their own team more than the rest of us.

Also, Johnny takes more shots at his own group ( Wethead and Popp ) than others.

A sense of humor is great medicine for what ills you . ( still smarting from 2009 ? )

Brihind sticking up for Johnny. :? Will wonders never stop ?

So one or two Rider fans don't like the poll ( personally I just ignore it ), but somehow now its "Rider fans" instead of " a couple of fans"

By all means tar 100% of a fan base of one team, based on the opinion of a few.

Regina Huskies?

Saskatchewan Rams?


Some of the melonheads are angry at Johnny! :lol: How funny and ironic...

If Riderino fans are pissed off that their team sucks, and cheats, blame this guy:


And this genius who hired Jones as HC, GM and VP:



You're trying way too hard to be funny johnny.

Stat of the day. Chris Jones is only 67 wins behind Eagle Keys as the Rider HC with the most wins.


All-time Roughrider leader:
Eagle Keys


  1. Danny Barrett 57
  2. Frank Filchock 41
  3. John Payne 40
  4. John Gregory 35
    Ken Miller 35
  5. Corey Chamblin 29
  6. Don Matthews 24
  7. Jim Daley 20
    Dave Skrien 20
    Fred Grant 20
  8. Steve Owen 13
  9. Kent Austin 12
  10. Rueben Berry 10
    Harry Smith 10

Chris Jones 1

Nope, Johnny isn't even trying. With the Jonestown Green cheaters, the jokes write themselves...