Poll : At The Halfway Mark

I can honestly say, I have watched AND ENJOYED more CFL football in 2018 than I have in a long while. I look forward to the games and feel bummed when the week’s games are over. Also, most games have been terrific / very entertaining.

At the halfway mark, how would you rate the first half of 2018 for the CFL…

Very Good
Below Average

Overall I’d say good.
Been a few really good games, But I’ve seen years with more.

There have been too many one-sided games instead of cliff-hangers this year in comparison to previous seasons.


I am just happy with the game flow overall.

Enough upset results to offset blowouts leaves a balance of “good” for me.

If the season ended today it would be the Same old , same old as last season . The same three teams missing the play-offs . The same 4 teams ranked 1 thru 4 in the West making the play-offs . The same Western team in the same crossover position heading East for the play-offs . The only difference from last year would be the ESF would be played in Toronto instead of Ottawa but beyond that ? It’s wash,rinse,repeat so far this season . Let’s hope that the 2nd half of the schedule brings about some surprises and some changes to spice things up a little bit and make things a little less predictable then we have witnessed in the first half so far of this season .

I can see three east teams making the playoffs this year, Montreal is the only one with too much ground to make up.

With Toronto and Hamilton still to play each other 3 times, along with a strong Ottawa team, I can’t see 3 teams from the East making the playoffs. I hope I’m wrong.

Above average, even for CFL, which is customarily excellent entertainment. What is exciting to consider is the Argos haven’t even met the Cats yet, nor the Riders the Lions. Nor, the Stamps the Eskimos. The best is yet to come.

But! I see some serious heartache this year at Edmonton. Don’t ask me why, but methinks someone’s going to steal the Grey Cup game from a worthy champ.

Mark my words: this year’s championship will be an upset.

Best game played so far: Toronto 42 Ottawa 41.
Next best: Regina 40 Calgary 27.