Poll:Alouette's 70's uniforms and triangle logo permanently?

A lot of people seem to be calling for Montreal's return to their 1970's uniforms and triangle logo as worn in the 70's retro game this year against Saskatchewan. Interested to see fan's reactions, as polls across the CFL have indicated they were the best of the 70's retros and much preferred to the present uniforms and logo.

L'uniforme et le logo actuels représentent l'équipe dominante et championne que sont les Alouettes d'aujourd'hui. Elle symbolise toutes ces excellentes équipes qui se sont succédées depuis le retour du football canadien à Montréal, leur grandeur et leur succès.

Ne serait-ce que par pur respect à témoigner aux administrateurs, aux entraîneurs et surtout à tous ces joueurs qui ont porté avec fierté cet uniforme et ce logo, qui ont sué sang et eau et qui se sont donnés pour que nous soyons fiers de notre équipe de football année après année, NOUS DEVONS GARDER L'UNIFORME ET LE LOGO ACTUELS AFIN DE LEUR RENDRE L'HOMMAGE QU'ILS MÉRITENT.

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Today's logo and uniform represent the dominant and championship team that is today's Alouettes. They symbolize a succession of excellent teams since the return of Canadian football to Montreal, their greatness and their success.

If only out of respect for administrators, trainers and most especially all the players that have borne this uniform and logo, who have sweated blood and water and who have given their all so we could be proud of our football team year after year, WE SHOULD KEEP THE PRESENT UNIFORM AND LOGO IN ORDER TO RENDER THE HOMAGE THEY DESERVE.

Should give fans what they want though, and if there is enough call to return to the 1970's uniforms and triangle logo it should be done. At the very least they should be adopted as the permanent alternate uniform.

No, no, no, and no.

There is a time and place for everything. The old logo served its time well, however it was in the past. If the current logo is deemed undesirable, then a new logo is to be designed and created. Otherwise, the organization will be thought as clinging to the past glory, instead of looking forward to the future.

Lots of teams go back full time to an old logo and uniform - look at the NY Jets, NY Giants, Baltimore Orioles, and this year's Buffalo Sabres just to name a few. It is a continuation of past glory, not a clinging to lost glory.

Many other franchises use a look attached to past glory or attractive to fans as the permanent alternate uniform as well. The Saskatchewan Roughriders, BC Lions of the CFL and many other pro sports teams (Leafs, Canucks, Blackhawks) do this with great success resulting in higher merchandise sales. The Als should do the same with their 70's retros.

I agree with LeStaf & hercules130.

IMHO, Old logo doesn't have any value to people that didn't follow the Als in the '70's. I was 2 & 5 when they won the GC in 74 & 77, but I remember my dad leaving the house with his jersey for games.

It does bring back memories, but waiting at the store to buy 1 vs 'Riders in August, most of the casual fans & younger kids had no clue that was the retro jersey.

Sorry guys if your over 45, you probably want the old jersey logo back, New generation of fans are not ready for that change !

If you compare the Alouettes with all those teams please remember that those teams are continuously in operation since the time they used their logos. This Alouettes and that Alouettes are two different entities. Wearing the old uniform for remembrance's sake is fine. Wearing the uniform of a different team on a permanent basis is really another story.

Following your examples, will it possible for the Tennessee Titans to wear the oil rig logo or for the Colorado Avalanche to wear fleur-de-lis on the shoulders on a permanent basis?

As a matter of fact yes if the team's name were (or even became) the Tennessee Oilers the oil rig would be the BEST logo for the helmet - a continuation of the franchise's history. The Fleur-de-lis is a regional (Quebec) symbol not a nickname symbol. Even more appropriate for the same city Montreal Alouettes to bring back the triangle logo and/or old 70's uniforms - at least on a permanent basis as the only alternate look.
Montreal was also the Concordes from 1982-1985 and came back after that non-continuation as the Alouettes with the triangle logo in 1986. They should listen to the fans and if there is enough call for it bring them back permanently, even if only as the permanent alt.

I understand that our current logo represents the dominance and success of the team over the past decade. But the old logo is flat-out better from an aesthetic point of view. I'm really not a fan of that cartoonish bird on the 'A'. I support going back to the old logo but keeping the new uniforms, so as to retain a link to contemporary style (and thus to our winning ways).

And for what it's worth, I'm in my early '30s, have no memory of the '70s Als, and am making this choice based purely on aesthetics, not on nostalgia for the past. :slight_smile:

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