poll #3-who wins cup and by how much???

Well after 6 teams started in the play-offs,the dust has settled and it's down to the two 2nd place finishers in each division......Grey Cup 2013....#101,Nov.24/13 in Saskatchewan......HAMILTON TI-CATS vs SASKATCHEWAN ROUGHRIDERS!!!!
Congratulations to both teams and organizations on winning their way to the Cup.Surprisingly after the first two polls only 18 votes out of 98 cast predicted this match-up for the final two.For this final poll,you can vote winning team and by how many points you think they win by.....so lets get it started and have some fun with this,and lets hear your comments and opinions on who you think we'll win and by how many points the spread will be in this years Grey Cup!!!!

Saskatchewan wins 36-24 but will be close until late in the fourth. The Rider O is playing too good right now as they are back to full strength


Cats get redemption for "89",win it on a last second f.g. from ex-Rider Congi.....another ex-Rider Fantuz gets MOC award
Although not as high scoring as "89"(43-40)game will be just as exciting,and will ebb and flow back and forth all game until
last team who has possesion wins game in one of the most memorable Cups played in the last decade.Austin keeps his undefeated coaching string alive and just like in Saskatchewan in 2007 wins Cup in 1rst year coaching the Cats.First half will see a low scoring affair as teams defenses hold strong and keep the score tied at 1/2 at 10-10.The game will be a nail-biter the rest of the way with the biggest lead being only by 7 pts. In closing neither team will be called for a "Too many men infraction" penalty in this game!!!!! :wink: :smiley: :slight_smile:

I have voted for Hamilton and that it will be by less than 3 points and my main reason is because the Roughies are creatures of habit. They have not forgotten what happened in the 2009 Grey Cup.

I believe the game will come down to the wire with SSK ahead by a mere two points. Luca Congi will attempt a last second 18 yard FG but it will be deflected by a SSK player. The ball will hit the base of the goal post fixture and bounce off. There will much controversy and confusion as players from both teams gather with the officials. The officials will be at a loss as to how to make the correct call. The coaches and remaining players not engaged in the FG attempt will remain restrained on the sidelines. After much discussion everyone awaits the call from Command Centre based in Toronto. On this occasion the CFL has decided to link fans directly to Command Centre head quarters so everyone can see what Command Centre sees. This can be viewed on the jumbo screen. An ominous silence falls upon the fans and the players when they see Rob Ford at the controls reviewing the FG attempt. "Well I am still mayor of Toronto he rambles." There is much weeping and gnashing of teeth amongst the Ti-Cats faithful for they know what Hamilton did to Ford's beloved Argos the week earlier.

The loyal melonheaded crowd begins to chant: "We love you Rob, we love you Rob." hoping to sway his good judgment.

Mayor Rob Ford is not moved for he has never much cared about watching a game in sub-zero weather while trying to eat frozen watermelon. He suddenly can be seem jumping out of his chair at Command Center, ear phones being ripped from his head, a suspicious glass of iced golden liquid in one hand and what looks like a joint in the other. He makes his announcement on behalf of the official on the field who would normally make the announcement but whose lips appear frozen together.

Ford: The play has been reviewed. I have reviewed the play. The play has been reviewed by me. If I had not reviewed the play I would have told you I had not reviewed the play but I apologize as I have apologized many times before if I have confused you or if I have screwed up which I have on many occasions.

My decision is that it is Hamilton's ball and the play will be replayed. I do not make this decision lightly but I have no choice. It is not because the ball was blocked or because the ball hit the base of the goal post fixture. It is because, upon review I saw another player hiding behind the SSK goal post. He was wearing a green jersey. He was a ….a …..a….. Sass…kat…chew... on….. player. There are gasps throughout the stadium. Disbelief. Weeping. Heads hanging low.

"That makes 13 men on the field!" says Ford. "That is a too many men penalty." I can count. I balanced Toronto's books last year. One on my left foot, three on my head, and ten in each hand. No, I am not drunk. No, I am not wasted. No, I'm not on weed, no I'm not on crack……well….ummm….

But see for yourself ……

All eyes on the field are fixated now in the direction of the SSK goal and yes indeed a 13th SSK player emerges from behind the uprights. Coach Chamlin rips his head set off and drops to his knees. Geroy Simon begins shaking his head, " This would have been my second GC ring in 3 years." Corey Sheets starts ripping his uniform off in disgust….while in the darkest corner of Mosaic stadium is a lone red jerseyed figure with the number 9 on it. An evil smile grows larger and larger. Is he mooning the SSK fans……again???

The Ti-Cats instead of huddling for their momentous second FC attempt line up on the 25 yard line and while standing side by side holding hands begin kicking their legs chorus line style while singing:

We are the Ti-cats …
And Congi is his name..
We are the Ti-cats …
And winning is our game…

Oskie Wee Wee
Oskie Waa Waa
Holy Mackinaw
Tigers... Eat 'em RAW!!

The kick is good and the Hamilton Ti-Cats win the 101st Grey Cup.

ROTFLMAO!!!!!! Awesome post there Beagle!!!!!! Now that would be the ending to end all endings to the Grey Cup,with that scenario :lol: :lol: :smiley: :slight_smile:

My guess is Riders by less than a converted TD. Ticats will be in tough in a hostile environment with the Riders having a significant homefield advantage. I think it may unfold like the east final, riders get a lead like TO did, Hamilton chips away in the 2nd half but this time comes up just short.

But I wouldn't be entirely surprised by a Ticat win either. Considering the season they've had, all the bus rides from Hamilton to Guelph for their "home games", the games they played early in the season in torrential downpours, the east semi with that crazy wind... they've had to overcome a fair amount of adversity to get there this season so the noisy Rider faithful may not hamper them as much as some other teams.

LMAO Beagle :lol:

Tiger-Cats by a Rouge

Cats 51
Rough Riders 50 :twisted:

I ussually go with my head or my heart so this year I will utilize logic in my choice. Because I am cheering for Saskatchewan and thus far every team I have picked so far has lost, I will pick Hamilton thereby guaranteeing a win for Saskatchewan.

I will predict the score to be Hamilton 23 Saskatchewan 17 again using pure logic as I bought a grey Cup Pool Ticket with that score. If Saskatchewan somehow manages to beat the odds and win despite me cheering for them, the score will be Saskatchewan 24 Hamilton 11 (using the same logic as the above).

Disclaimer - I have been buying Grey Cup Pool Tickets for over 50 years and have yet to win once so even though the odds are that my streak will continue, the probability says that I have to win sooner or later so logically, this is my year. I'm going to Disneyland, or Vegas when I collect my winnings.

LOL Well good luck with that pool ticket :lol: and enjoy your trip to Disneyland or Vegas!!! I hope my Cats win and especially if it’s by a 23-17 score for your sake :smiley: :thup: