Polian says: NFL not a threat to the CFL

[url=http://www.sportsnet.ca/football/cfl/2010/04/21/polian_bills_cfl/]http://www.sportsnet.ca/football/cfl/20 ... bills_cfl/[/url]

How is this statement not a threat to the Argo,s Market territory? "I think the fact that the Bills have decided to more actively pursue the Canadian market is a good thing," Polian said. "It's a good thing for the NFL, it's a good thing for the Bills and I hope it's a good thing for football fans in the city of Toronto." ??? Succing a 100 million out of Toronto benefits WHOM?

Rogers customers are paying for the failed Bills experiment. And guess what, Rogers can get away with it and still makes gadzillion of bucks. The way the system works, eh? :roll:

The NFL isn't a threat 2 the CFL - Anything that promotes the popularity of football in Canada is helping the CFL,including the NFL.
The NFL w/ a team in Toronto that would be a threat to the Argo's though.

Remember when the CFL was going out of business (a long time ago)? Correct me if i'm wrong but the NFL was the one that lent the CFL the monies to stay afloat.The NFL knows that the CFL is the second biggest crop of talent they take players from and arguably tied for best crop of developing said talent...

I know I've ragged on Roger Goodell about allowing this Bills series in Toronto to go ahead as the NFL appears, optics that is, to be directly invading a CFL market, if it can be looked at that way. But when you get down to it, I don't think Goodell had any choice because it was Ralph Wilson's private deal and I doubt the commissioner could/would go over an owner's head on something like this, especially Ralph who has gained the respect he has just because of so many years he's been around as owner of the Bills.

I think Goodell was caught between a rock and a hard place. Not saying he didn't mind testing the Toronto/southern Ontario market directly but I don't think he would have initiated something like this himself.

Polain is not in any poition to comment on a multi dollar billion buisness. THe NFL can will do what it wants when it wants. The CFL is viewed as a minor interference, something like a tank running over a injured soldier.

Polain is not in any poition to comment on a multi dollar billion buisness

Exactly arm. It all makes for good media press but it's the commish's comments that really matter, or more precisely his actions.

Care to try and back that statement with facts?

rogers papered the last bills game in toronto so to say they are making gazillions of dollars off this is ridiculous. THEY ARE LOSING MONEY big time.

rogers thinks… lets have an nfl game… ITS THE NFL… people will show up. so what do they do. they dont really promote it, they dont really do what makes nfl games fun, ive been to a couple vikings games and a couple of bears games in minneapolis and chicago… its not the game that is the fun part, its the atmosphere, the “tailgating” b4 the games, its almost like its a whole event, not just a game. ITS A WHOLE WEEKEND thing really. In toronto they made it out to be just another football game between 2 teams that people dont care about.