Poisitives and negatives from the ARGO game

Positives .

1 Porter got some much needed experience agianst a good defence .
2. Caulley looked primed for a big game and fight hard for every yard
3. Goodspeed looked like a good leader out there
4. Floyd was pumped and all over the field
5 Both Defensive Ends ( Hickman and Long ) looked good
6 Mcdaniel looked good on kickoffs
7 I am stil not a big fan of Beveridge though he did deck one guy and did get a sack on ablitz and did notget burned all game so he deserves another start .


  1. VERY poor play selection and not enough ball distribution to Currie and Preshce . We need more screen plays , draws , maybe a reverse to Mcdaniel or Currie and the odd bomb and long pass up the middle . also just throwning a jump ball to Preshe ever once in while does not hurt .

  2. Haley was non existant in the middle . I still like him . I just think he might be a better OLB

  3. Kirk was out muscled and outmatched thus big holes . wHAT ARE WE GOING TO DO ABOUT THIS POSITION ,,COREY MACE PLEASE

  4. Knowlton could not handle the run and the big olineman coming to block him . Overall defensive game plan problem

  5. Overall all the db;s excluding Thompsn can't keep with their man . Bo Smith was beat cleanly one on one by a canadian rookie ..shame on you BO .
    6 Overall the OLINE was not as good as i expected especially Gauthier
    7 Hage is still so over rated ..Did yiou see those snaps . if this keeps up put Hudson in .

8 Poor coaching in the handling of the Setta injury , if he was noit healthy then bring in another kicker for a game . that looked bush league watching aguy kick like that and the worst thing is he was injured before the game started ..