points to ponder!! take a look

I think if we can sign brandon Guillory and Cory Mace can play for us this year and with the likes of Matt Kirk and Darrell Adams (who played pretty well last year), I think our defensive line would look pretty good. There are also a few impressive Defensive ends in Mike McFadden and Dennis Haley that look pretty good.

As for the linebackers i would let Otis Floyd play his outside linebacker position and rotating Agustin Barrenchea and Cameron Siskowic for the middle linebacker position to see who is the stronger player for that and Markeith Knowlton on the other side. Our linebackers look pretty good.

And as for our backfield, we have some good guys in Bradley, Thompson, Robinson, Tisdale and if we can get Carpenter then carpenter also. We could keep Gordon if one of them get hurt and we also have Alan Zemaitis that looks pretty good along with Sandy Beveridge and Dylan Barker.

Overall our defense looks pretty good if we can sign a few of those other guys i mentioned.

As for our offence i think Quinton Porter is a capable starter for our quarterback position. I would still like to try and get Kevin Glenn but im not too worried about it…we could always get Marcus Crandell and try him out also. He has some experience and shows he would be a capable backup.

I dont have any issues with our running back position. Terry Caulley and Kenton Keith along with Tre Smith are good. Our offensive line looks pretty good with the addition of Alexadre Gauthier. Canadian Draft we could add someone in this area also. If Cedric Gagne Marcoux and George Hudson can stay healthy for our guard positions we will be pretty strong up front. Gerald Davis didnt look too bad at the other OT position either.

As for our receivers we have some pretty good guys. Prechae Rodriguez you cant say enough about him…hes amazing. We also have Willie Quinnie who played really good with us when we had him here and he was amazing in the minors last year. I also like Earnest Jackson, Eddie Cohen, Chris Davis, Scott Mitchell and Chris Bauman. Jo Jo walker is pretty good also. Were going to be pretty good in the receiver position and a few more rookies to check out and i think were set.

what does everyone else think about our roster this year…keep in mind we have different coaches also that might work out better then last years coaches.

Pretty good post..............I do think the secondary is solid, the D-line looks so far like it'll be better (it could hardly be worse, let's face it).....jury's out on the LB corps, but Knowlton at least is a star.

Biggest improvement on the D will be Greg Marshall as coordinator, that's one big step up from Creehan, in my opinion.

Great post, oshawaguy!

Speaking of Gerald Davis.. Obie has always been high on him since camp last year. He will only improve. Obie has spoken a couple of times about how great a work ethic he has. Always eager to learn and does everything he is asked. Plus they can develop him for a couple years since he would be a cheap contract in his pre-starter days. I think he could be a starter at RT no later than 2010.

Very thorough Oshawa Guy.The only player I would question would be Rontarius Robinson.Maybe it was the scheme or perhaps he was playing the wrong position(safety) but he missed a lot of plays. If the ideal defensive player is someone who makes plays,then Rontarius doesn’t fit,imho. :smiley:

Pat Lynch(the old guy in section 7)

I am not sold on Otis Floyd as OLB.
He is 34 and for sure not a long term solution. We need to bring in some competition for his spot.
I would not mind checking out Michael Fletcher as a low risk proven guy.

Right tackle still needs shoring-up.
I would love if Obie could bring in a starter at this position. It can be an Import even with Gauthier securing the difficult LT position as a Canadian. Davis is still a project at this time. MIKE ABOU-MECHREK is an available veteran that went to school at Western and should be considered.

I am completely happy with the D-Line if Mace and Guillory are brought to camp.
Set at reciever if we can bring in one more Canadian (Stala if healthy)
Defensive backfield will be better.
RBs are great.
Special Teams are set.

In summary bring in a RT, competition for Floyd, and a Canadian receiver and we are good to go.....WAY better than at this time last year!!!

I am pretty sure at the time of the Floyd signing Obie stated he was going to have him compete for the MLB job. Maybe someone can confirm this for me?

So it would look like Mariuz/Barrenechea at WLB, Floyd/Siskowic at MLB, and Knowlton at SLB.

And then I am sure there will be more imports in camp to compete for back up spots.

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Excellent read oshawaguy! :thup: Time to get back to basics instead of all the concentration on stadium this or stadium that, which I tend to get too caught up in.

Floyd vs FLetcher, both are nearing the end of their careers so not worth having both. I expect to see a Canadian at safety (Barker) and one at DT (Kirk/Reid) allowing for an all import LB corp. Floyd-Siskowic-Knowlton would be my first thought since Floyd is more natural at the outside. To bring in an extra LB with a 3 man front, switch Canadians - Mariuz for Kirk.

Robinson will be back at HB with the Canadian safety coming in and he looked much better there than safety. Tisdale played well at the end of the year and will be competing with Robinson to stay at HB of may move out to a corner and take Gordon's spot.

On offense, it will be all 4 imports starting at receiver and all I can say for sure here is that Rodriguez will be one of them; the other 3 spots have a lot of great athletes competing for a spot. Bauman will be the 5th on rotation with a Canadian FB. Expect to see a receiver drafted fairly high for the Cats since they only have 2 on the roster right now. A power FB would be a good draft for the Cats as a guy to get the second and 2-3 conversions. Pavlovic is big, but played TE in college so more of a blocker, not a natural ball carrier. Williams didn't inspire any confidence whatsoever. Sadeghian is a work in progress but at 5'11" 219lbs he sounds like a really solidly built guy.

From what I just laid out, there are 3 starting Canadians on the field so far (FB, DT, S) so looking for 4 starting Canadians on the o-line. Gauthier plays LT well so thats a huge relief having the QB's blind side covered. Hage solid at center and the guard spots have Gagne-Marcoux and Hudson as the front runners but Dyakowski, Rempel and Bekasiak will be pushing for a spot. Dyakowski may not start but he has a leg up to be the extra lineman dressed due to his versatility playing G/T. Davis is developing well but I expect to have at least 2 more import tackles competing with him at TC for the starting spot. O-lineman are always a good draft choice but with a glut of young developing guys on the roster already I don't expect this to be a priority for the Cats this year.

Rempel must have photos. Why he had so many reps at the end of last season while Bauman had spot duty continues to confound me. The guy doesn't have great wheels or hands and really all he has going for him is his work ethic.

I have respect for the guy but he should not be a starting receiver -- on any team!

A LOT of players got more playing time at the end of the season, to see how they play in a real-game situation. IIRC, Rempel was on the receiving end of a few passes from Nick Setta on fake punts...