Pointless PreSeason Predictions





The truth is probably somewhere in the middle. All I know is that, while in Ottawa, he's been nothing but great with fans, media and teammates. Some free agents have said they signed with Ottawa because Burris was here.

Don't know the man, never met him, likely never will, but evidence towards the positive seems to be far greater. Anyone can do and say the right things publicly, but when your peers are constantly going on about how great you are as a teammate and a colleague, that has a fair bit of credibility with me. More so than fans dwelling on things that happened several season ago and of which they weren't a part.

The CFL needs more guys like Hank.
On top of the list of props, I forgot to mention my gratitude for the 2008 Cup.

Many fans including myself and local Calgary media were upset when he left.
You are lucky to have him.

However, there is only 1 maybe 2 years left in him.
Hope Harris works out.

Harris sounds very professional as well and seems charismatic. I think he'll be an easy guy to rally around.

As for Burris, no doubt he'd be upset if he got benched at some point this season due to poor play or some such. But people forget that it basically happened at the end of 2014 and he didn't complain. Maybe he's handled it badly in the past but he doesn't give that impression now.

I don't know any athlete who handles benching well. What I do admire about Burris is how incredibly resilient he has been. Physically and mentally. He has always bounced back:
Failed miserably in NFL. Maybe had the worst QB game I've ever seen on a MNF game for Chicago
Benched and traded from Calgary after MOP and GC years
Bounced back in Hamilton with a great year
Trashed again,
Ended up on expansion team. Played so-so. Many calling for his head
Bounced back with MOP year.
Pretty impressive.

Not a huge fan but I do really respect his toughness and resiliency.

Yes it was an MOP year for him. He can still scramble at 40 and not afraid to put his head down and gain that first down. He set a CFL record last year for completions in one game. Also can't forget that incredible last minute throw to find Ellingson for that huge TD in the EF. You can understand why some Ticat fans have turned against him. :oops:
He has moved to Ottawa full time become a Canadian, invested in business locally and does all kinds of charity work. A great motivational speaker, I wouldn't be surprised if ends up on TSN.

Yep I think he is a lock for that panel or whatever incarnation is around by the time he's done.

In 2014, the Redblacks receivers hand major " dropping of balls issues" .
Could not blame Hank on that.

Here in Calgary, the media labelled him " Good Hank - Bad Hank "
However, he had more good moments than bad.

Receivers were also called out by the offensive coordinator at the time for not running their routes properly. So they weren't where Burris expected them to be, but it makes it look like he's inaccurate.

He certainly doesn't walk on water and he could have totally botched both the division and conference championships. No getting around that. There is something to his lack of production in bigger games. But his popularity shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone.

Looks like most people are again predicting Ottawa to finish last :o :o
Yet the Offense returns intact, still have the four 1,000 yard receivers, Powell at RB, Gillanders as the big Canadian FB, an "O" line even stronger, an MOP QB returning with an impressive backup.
Definatley the number 1 Offense in the East

True, don't think they should be labeled a last place team either, but don't overlook the fact they lost a first-rate offensive coordinator. Will Henry Burris be as sharp without him, another year older? Last year was a career year for the soon-to-be 41 year old. Whether he can repeat that feat without Maas remains to be seen.

I am more on the side of "not a last place team" than I am "definately (sic) the number 1 Offense in the East."

Not to make you the spokesperson for all those who feel Ottawa can't win the division again, but wouldn't the same apply to Hamilton? Hamilton's loss was rather unexpected and Collaros' availability is questionable too.

Not to nit pick but " both the division and conference championships ".
There is no Conference, just Division.
I know what you meant. 1 st place finish and division play-off win. Right ?

Just to bad they could not have finished it off.
The play that sticks out in my mind was up 14 - 0 and could have been 21 - 0 had the fumble return not been called back on a penalty.

Anyway, the last minute td will always be remembered. However, there was some luck as well.
Hank tossed the ball right in the middle of the numbers of a Cat defender.
Should have been an interception for Cat win.

Sucked to be that poor guy in the off season.

I do not get that. Ott in last place.
I think they will build on that and the GC experience.

I predicted an Ott 1st place and GC win. However, it will be a close race with the Cats.

LOL !!!! yup that last minute wing and a prayer TD that is why that poor guy aka Ed Gainey is now Saskatchewan's problem and ironically the guy who had Henry tossing the ball right in the middle of the numbers only to drop it aka Gascon-Nadon is now a REDBLACK. Kinda crazy sometimes how things work out. How about "Good Hank-Bad Hank-Lucky Hank" . :wink:

I can certainly understand why many feel Ottawa will not be a last place team.

I picked them there because somebody is gonna land there. The East is totally wide open.

I just think they hit the perfect storm last year.

Toronto-homeless and QB quandary
Hamilton -lost the MOP
Montreal was just a mess.
Burris: career year. heck they all did.

But its why these are the PPP.

There should be no blame on Gainey. Getting burned deep can happen to any defender.

The poor guy I am talking about is Nadon.

The TSN close up of his face inside his mask is something I will never forget.
Could not imagine what he felt.
I bet he would catch it 9 times out of 10.
It is the cruel reality of sports.

Right, sorry that was poorly expressed. Yes, they could have lost the game in Hamilton and given themselves a much harder road to taking first place, then Burris seemed determined to throw a game-killer pick in the Eastern final.

So I get where THAT criticism comes from and I rarely challenge it. It’s only when people question his popularity that I get a little confused as to what they expect.

Being slotted in last place gives the impression that people expect a team to have something like four wins. but as bobo demonstrated earlier, you can be in last place with a decent record.

I thought they were better than 2-16 and I can understand why people don't fully buy into 12-6. It wouldn't shock me to see them fall to 8 wins. I think they'll start slow and heat up towards the end again just because of the way the schedule is laid out (4 of first 5 on the road).

I think Ottawa will finish 2nd in the East. With everyone healthy, I think they have the 2nd best roster in the East behind Hamilton. They have the best backup in the East in my opinion, so if Henry struggles he will have a short leash.

Montreal is the big question mark to me. Popp is not a very good head coach, and they also have some big question marks with regards to their QB situation. Maybe in a perfect storm they grab the final playoff spot if Ricky Ray gets hurt or Collaros isn't healthy to start.