Pointless PreSeason Predictions

I love alliteration. Training Camps around the corner. Far too soon to make predictions. But what the heck.

I find this to be the toughest season ever to get a read on. Everybody might be 9-9.
Here are mine. Yours?


Calgary: Most stability and best QB
Winnipeg: Best additions. Finally some stability
Sask: Upheaval for the good.
Edmonton: Upheaval for the bad
BC: No idea on this crew TBH

East: ( this division could see anything happen. Double wide open)

Toronto: retooled and have a focus. Not to mention talent.
Hamilton: lotta change. But Austin has a way
Montreal: Could finish first or last. Coaching staff a mishmash
Ottawa: have no idea if last year can be repeated.


EDMONTON - Love the city and the people. However, I HATE HATE HATE the Esks. Hurts me to say this, but they still have the tools in place to finish #1. Forget the coaches , it is still the players on the field that dictate.

WINNIPEG - The Bombs will finish 2nd IF IF IF Drew Wiley stays healthy. I say that because year in and out the O-Line has been the problem. QB's just do not have a long life span in the Peg.

CALGARY - I will be sad to see my Stamps fall , but way to many changes. I have no confidence in Dave Dickenson.
He will screw this up.

BC LIONS - Will be a possible cross over thanks to some upgrades and a very good QB.

SASQUACHTOWN - DD is finished with no replacement. You can not miss 2 seasons and bounce back.


OTTAWA - Carry over from previous season. Best back up in the CFL if my man Hank gets hurt.

HAMILTON - Way to many changes. As for ZC. He has spent the off season on rehab. Not so much on off season conditioning. Can he pick up where he left off ? When will he be ready ? I have seen some reports stating late July or early August. Cats could be in a hole.

TORONTO - They gave up on the best backup QB in the CFL. Ray has injury problems and is nearing the end of his career. The D is still suspect.

MONTREAL - Very good D, but the O will struggle all season.

HAMILTON ( depends on how ZC does )

brihind...curious as to why you have no faith in Dickenson?

Great OC, but unproven as a HC. He does not have Huff to hold his hand.

I will not blame the Stamps demise all on him.

Stamps lost a lot of quality guys.
Rogers on O and Raymond on D.

B. Grant on O and T. Reed on D are not equal replacements. Both over rated IMO.
Plus, we still have the worst S in the CFL in Josh Bell.
How he made the 2015 West All-Star team is beyond me.

Dickenson does not have the experience or smarts to make up for that.

BTW, you are way to generous stating that BLM, is the best QB.

More like : Burris - Collaros - then Mitchell.

Hank Burris as the leagues best QB - - bahahahaha.

I agree that Howdy Doody sure isn't the best QB in the CFL, but you can't be serious about Burris.

Watch what happens to him this year without Maas around.

Here’s a few absolute lead-pipe-lock certainties - -

People will complain about the CFL refs being incompetent and/or part of a conspiracy against their favourite team.

Rogers will be accused of trying to sabotage the CFL.

Chris Schultz will - - yet again - - be the worst dressed member of the TSN panel.

I am serious. He tosses way to many picks for my liking.
However, as for experience, leadership and talent, I will put him # 1.

Crap, he is in better shape than some guys who are young enough to be his son.





No crossover.

No question Burris has a ton of experience - - as a soon to be 41yr old QB, that's a given. And he's still got a rocket for an arm.

But the problem with Burris is that he's a horrible decision maker and terrible under pressure. Very similar to Kevin Glenn in terms of their mental weakness.

Maas is the guy who was somehow able to keep Burris from melting down and avoiding his usual stupid mistakes.

Without Maas to keep him under control, watch what a disaster Burris is going to be this season.

First, thank you for being objective. You being in Regina, would be easy for you to be a homer.

I do hope that you are right about the Stamps.

BTW, please take no offence to the SASQUATCHTOWN hit. I was just having some fun.

I will agree with Slant, that this year is wide open with no clear favourite going in.

I will predict this. The team that comes out of the East, will win the 2016 GC.

If it happens to be Hamilton, it will be a home game just like they were playing at THF.

IYO, and who cares any how. He is a nice guy and I like what he says and it just wouldn't be the same without him. You want him to dress like cherry?

Yup FYB...
Schultz (and Dunigan imo) are integral to CFL broadcasts.
Like comfort food..the CFL is a welcome friend. These two are important.

Burris will continue to show his true colours as the leagues most self centred,whiny little baby egotistical jerk when he loses his starting role halfway through the season and will respond as only Henry can respond by throwing a tantrum and tossing his baby pabulum from his high chair. And for all you out there that are going to say sour grapes because of last years East Final.....WRONG !!!!! I have never wavered from my dislike of this prima donna even when he was a Cat and even before he was a Cat. The guy is a two faced whiny little snot box and my prediction is simple we will see a lot more of "Bad Hank" then "Good Hank" this season......and you can take that to the bank. :twisted: :rockin:

BOBO, we remember different guys.

I just remember Hank as a Stamp.

He was , and still is a solid class act.
Both on and off the field.

No ego with Hank. Always puts the team first.
He will take all the blame for a loss and will give away all the credit for a win.

Always out in the community , doing charity work, and promoting the league.

Win or lose, he works very well with the media.
He will always give an honest answer. I get some people do not like that , but should be respected.

Really hope he gets another ring .

My man Smiling Hank :thup: :thup: Much RESPECT.

:thup: :thup: :thup: :thup: :rockin: :rockin:
:thdn: :thdn: :thdn: :thdn: :roll: :roll:

Sorry but I don't worship at the altar of Hank and never have and never will. It's amazing to me how everyone(fans and media alike) runs around kissing this guys ass and licking his boots. It seems like for a lot of people the mere mention of his name is akin to Pavlov's Dog. My man Smiling Hank :thdn: :thdn: No RESPECT. :cowboy: :smiley:

and now onto Bobo's pointless fearless pre-Season Predictions*

  • subject to change :wink:

I am fearlessly going to predict one of the closest parity driven seasons ever in the CFL. A season where in both divisions 10 wins will either get you a 1rst place finish or a 3rd place finish. A season where it will come right down to the wire for all play-off spots for all teams for final positioning. A season where no team(s) truly dominate in the W column like past seasons. A season where no team(s) wind up with horrendous records of 3-15 or 4-14 or 5-13 or even 6-12.

So for what it's worth here are my very preliminary pointless pre-Season Predictions for the final standings in 2016:



No Crossover for the Play-offs this season:

East Semi-Final : Toronto over Montreal
West Semi-Final: Edmonton over Calgary

East Final: Hamilton over Toronto
West Final: Winnipeg over Edmonton

GREY CUP will be the Drought Bowl between the Blue Bombers (last win 1990) and Ti-Cats(last win 1999) :rockin:
Also with this match-up regardless of which team wins we will see a guaranteed crowning of the 7th different team in a row dating back to 2010 that has won the Cup.

It all works out by the way......162 games........81 Wins....81 Loses.........Let the games begin !!! :smiley: :rockin:

Let's hope that the final 2016 results will be in line with bobo82 actual predictions; if so, it will be a very interesting season. My present predictions,excluding playoffs, are:






Nobody giving my Als much of a chance. I doubt we'll be playing for the Cup, but I don't think we'l be basement dwellers again either.