Pointless Pre Season Predictions

I know...Pointless. its too early. Waaaay to early, But...

Edmonton... Big, strong crew. MVP QB. Stability reigns.
Calgary...O-Line sure took a hit
Winnipeg...kinda like them to move up. Maybe past 3rd.
Sask...madness invades Sask. Chamblin will be first coach fired or just attack someone. A nun, a cop, a player. Someone
BC...too many changes. no QB?

Hamilton..finally home. Roster settling
Montreal...QB questions but madness has ceased for now. maybe too many moving parts on downside of career. Pitstop Als?
Ottawa...who knows?
Toronto...Who knows X two. They might be really good. Ray is rehabbing but I really like Trevor Harris

As do I. I think he has a great future as a CFL quarterback.

Mind you, take that with a grain of salt (or more than just one grain); remember I'm the guy who predicted great things for Rocky Butler, Marcus Brady, and Stanley Jackson.

Rocky,Marcus and Stanley...nyuk,nyuk,nyuk !!!..... :lol: :lol: :lol:


As the title of the thread states: Pointless Pre Season Predictions so with that in mind here goes nothing.. team by team.....
Hamilton(12-6).....will finish 1rst in the East,post double digit win totals and will go to their 3rd Grey Cup appearance in a row
Montreal(11-7)......will see the team with their revamped veteran laden team battle it out all year for 1rst place in the East.
Toronto ( 7-11).....will struggle out of the gate both on and off the field as Ray's shoulder isn't 100% and attendance worsens.
Ottawa (6-12)......will show improvement in the win column and triple their win total as Burris gets help in a better rec corp.

Calgary(12-6)......will continue to be the class of the league but O-Line defections will mean fewer wins than last season.
Edmonton(10-8)....will once again be very competitive as Elliott continues to improve and the defence dominates once again
Winnipeg(9-9)......will make play-offs for the 1rst time since Grey Cup appearance in "11" Willy lights it up in 2nd season as #1
Saskatchewan(8-10)will lose some close games which will reflect in the win column but will cross-over to the East as wildcard.
B.Columbia(6-12)...will see 18 yr play-off run snapped as QB struggles see the team miss the play-offs for 1rst time since "96"



D'OH !!!!!!!!! :oops: Reilly!!!!!!! :slight_smile: Thanks MadJack :lol: :thup:


Calgary - Lost their o line so lets see how Cornish and Bo levi will do.
Sask (This team was 8-2 prior to Durant's injury. With him back, they will challenge Calgary for first. Adding Glenn ensures a second half meltdown is unlikely).
Winnipeg: Teams figured out Drew Willy after the Riders beat them twice. He's a flash in the pan.

East: All teams except Ottawa will be 8-10. Ottawa will improve by a couple games.

Calgary - lost some Oline but they have a habit of reloading and drafting well for now and the future. Lavertu had a year to learn and Peach as a National OL is decent but got squeezed last year to the PR. Their starting 5 OL is still better than some of the other teams around the league. Receiver, as this is the greenest group experience wise they've had in a while, and a potential step back for BLM going into year 2 as a full time starter as teams adjust are the biggest question marks IMO.

Edmonton - 12 wins last year, and that was with basically Adarius Bowman having a monster year at receiver and everyone else kind of being meh (2nd receiver was Stamps and he had almost 1000 fewer yards on the year than Bowman). This year they add Wallace Miles who should have a bigger year with Reilly at the controls than Burris, plus they added Stafford from the Als, maybe AJ Guyton steps up in his 2nd year. Reilly could really have a big year if he can rely more on two or three receivers than just Bowman.

Winnipeg - Don't agree on greenandwhite's comment that the league has figured out Willy. Maybe he's right but there are a couple of issues I have with that. First, Willy was sacked over 70 times last year IIRC plus many more QB hits and hurries, and the defense and costly penalties hurt the team in many games in the 2nd half of the season. Oline should be improved which will keep Willy healthier. Switch to Hall over Etch should be good for at least 1 or two more wins. And some of the penalty monsters are not coming back (for eg. Kuale and his mutiple roughing majors at the worst possible times). Also remember that during their downturn last year there was internal locker issues with the now departed Grigsby.

Sask - They need Durant to stay healthy and there were losses on the Oline. They may not be able to start 5 Nat Oline which may require retooling their starting Nat spots. I'm not as sold on Glenn as a backup saviour either should Durant get hurt once again. 2014 was pretty erratic for him. Maybe it wasn't all on him but he will need to prove that it was an aberration and not that he's hit the downside of his career. They are 4th on my list just because I think they have more questions than the teams above.

BC - biggest wildcard in the West Div. Will Tedford be able to readjust to the CFL game? Some interesting off season signings as well. Any time with Bighill and Elimiminan in the middle of the field will have a good D, but still not sold on their Oline and whether their O will be good enough, especially if Lulay continues to go in and out of the lineup. Could surprise, but I could see them taking a step back as well.

Ham - think they win the division again just because they have the most talent overall and I agree with the assessments on the rule changes which suggest Banks could be in for a monster year. Still, curious to see how their receiver group rounds out. Tasker is back, but who will be the next International receiver option, whether they use Banks at receiver full time or someone else. Fantuz seems to be trending down the last couple of years and they went out and added a few more Nat receivers to the lineup. They have a lot of RBs on the roster for a HC that doesn't tend to run the ball a whole lot, especially in the summer months. And they'll need to find another shut down corner with Breaux gone.

Mtl - Added plenty of veteran depth around the rest of the roster, though being a vet doesn't guarantee you'll make the roster, especially in Mtl. They lost Carter but potentially added more balance to the receiving group with Stamps and Lewis and Giguere is a big upgrade over Deslauriers at Nat receiver IMO. Defence remains strong. Questions at QB again IMO. Their season hinges of whether Crompton continue to build off on his 2014 season as I think only the QB holds them back. If Crompton can't improve or gets hurt, who's next?

Tor - Biggest thing that can derail this season and drop them to 4th in the East is bad news or continuing limbo regarding the team moving to BMO and a brutal schedule that has them playing 2 times at home in the first 11 weeks of the season with a third "home" game in Fort MacMurray, AB against the "visiting" team from just down the road in the Esks. That schedule can bury them in a hurry. They'll need the vets (Owens, Durie, Ray) to stay healthy for most of year, have someone like Coombs continue the development he was showing last year before being knocked out of the rest of the year. And they'll need to find some receivers to replace all the Internationals they lost this offseason. If not, they drop to 4th in the division and stay there and things become that much more miserable in Argoland.

Ott - The assumption is that Burris will be a lot better with better receivers, so now he has them and he'll have to prove it. Personally, I'm not sold on Burris and think he made a lot of just bad throws and bad decisions last year which were only compounded by the fact the receivers were so inexperienced. Defense is decent, this team will go as far as Burris can take it now depending on what's left in the tank. Would not be surprised to see them in the 3rd spot for most of the first half of the season given a more balanced schedule than Toronto, but can they hold onto it and can Burris avoid tailing off in the second half of the season? Sorry, IMO the answer is NO just because I don't like Hank.

Ok, we can agree Stamps o-line is suspect.

This would be the chance for my trade bate suggestion.

The Stamps are over depth in db's with Burnett. Trade bate for a new o-lineman.

If you are weak in an area and over stocked in another, that is what to do.

Here is my prediction. Stamps will finish first, but will not win the Grey Cup.

GC 2015 Hamilton over Edmonton. ( hard for me to admit that because I am an Eskimo hater )



Gee Bobo, based on your prediction and only on your prediction my wife and I have decided not to buy seasons tickets this year. [second year in a row] We were even offered 1/2 a package from some friends. You better be right about where you've put the Lions. I know where you live!

Join the club.. The Lions will not see 20000 actual asses in the seats this season.. I went to the Bombers game at BC Place last year and after goung to about 4 different kegs I finally found a beer that was not stale..
After I had the customer service guy admit that most of the kegs were bad, they still continued to sell the beer to unsuspecting customers at 14 dollars a beer...
Not only are Lions games a total ripoff.. They honestly do not give a shit about the few customers that they have.... SCREW THE LIONS!!!!! :rockin: :rockin: :rockin: :rockin: :rockin:

Gee Bungle just wondering,but Is there anything or anybody you don't SCREW ???? :rockin:


Maybe you should just change your name to..... :rockin:

Either that or maybe get a new bike........ :rockin:

No it's not pointless to talk football - thank you
Very tired of reading bluejay attendance forecasts and Tf c updates on this forum
Come on Mods. Keep it football - CFL style. :slight_smile:

They hate us cause they ain't us. :lol:
All jokes aside, you really think Hamilton has what it takes to beat the Eskimos in the Grey Cup? Defense wins championships, I dont see Collaros scoring much if this is the 2015 Grey Cup.

I want to put Edmonton first in the west, but we lost 3 times to the Stamps last year, first game was a fluke, and we had Nichols starting the other two...

Calgary (double digit wins, most in league)
Edmonton (double digit wins, second most in league)
Winnipeg (W and SASK could go either way, 1 win or a tie breaker sets them apart)
Sask (Couldn't produce against top defenses)
BC (Lulay may be done, if not, he is ineffective against the powerhouses in the West)

Hamilton (Most talented team in the East)
Toronto (close with Montreal, Ray is the best Pocket Passer in the league, a bit of a rebound this year barring injury)
Montreal (Crompton may be the real deal, but I predict a potential Sophomore slump in regards to being a starter, barely finish third)
Ottawa (double their past record but only beats two West teams, BC and Winnipeg, the rest of their wins are in division)

8-2 with Cortez and Heenan...

… Calgary lost Brett Jones and Stanley Bryant off their o-line. What’s your point?

speaking of pointless preseason predictions:

When Durant fielded questions from the audience Thursday, the first inquiry pertained to what he thought of Cortez's play-calling.

"I definitely feel like it could have been different," Durant responded. "It could have been more creative.

"I think when you have a veteran quarterback like myself, I can make things work a little bit better than a guy who doesn't have that much experience.

"I was able to take some of those play calls and just make them work and I think when the young guys got in there, they couldn't improvise.

"They weren't able to recognize what the defence was doing, so it made it tough on them. But to be nice about it, I felt like it could have been different."

Things were different in 2013, when Cortez was at the controls of a productive offence.

"If you look back at 2013 and what we had ... myself ... Geroy Simon, who's the ultimate veteran ... Weston Dressler ... (Chris) Getzlaf ... Rob Bagg ... you have so many veteran guys who can take a play call and just make it work based on our experience," Durant told an appreciative crowd at the Power Dodge Curling Centre.

With a new-look offence being implemented, Durant is excited about what can be accomplished in collaboration with Chapdelaine.

The veteran CFL assistant coach was the B.C. Lions' offensive co-ordinator in 2011, when Travis Lulay quarterbacked the host team to a Grey Cup victory in Vancouver shortly after being named the league's most outstanding player.

"I think (Chapdelaine will) do a great job," Durant said during the questionand-answer session, which followed an extended sitdown chat with master of ceremonies Rod Pedersen.

"When I look at what Travis Lulay did in his MOP season, I think I can do more than that this year, so I'm looking forward to it."

......"The key to us is just strictly health. If we can stay healthy, then we'll be in Winnipeg for sure come November."


You know the more I see and hear of Durant the less I l see him as a decent man. I see a coach killer, a blame shifter and a me first guy.

I am looking fwd to this season as it will be closer in parity. The East will be much better.Inc Ott.

Why BC is getting no respect ? There are question marks but I do not think they will be as bad as everyone thinks.

Wpg talk is all about Drew Willy. He has had the problem many BB QB's have had and that is getting pounded because of a poor OLine.

Edm, talk is about Mike Reilly. It will be interesting to see how he scrambles on what is now a suspect foot.
It confuses me as to how someone , either a player , training staff or coaching staff will allow a career to be risked for one game. I was at the West Final , and it was clear from the start he was making a mistake. Stamps D looked like sharks after blood. Result , he ends up in a walking boot.

No question in my mind that it is a battle for first between my Stamps and Esks.

BTW, everybody knows that the Esk logo is a football with EE inset . For the record, it does not stand for Edmonton Eskimos . It stands for EVERYBODY'S ENEMY.