Pointing The Finger

I hate going all simplistic on you (again) but when a team or part of a team in sports or in business is executing at some level below their capabilities the individual held ultimately accountable is the manager/coach.
In the Riders case I believe the Defense is once again (we are truly blessed) operating at a high level due mainly to some good scouting, signing and especially Richie Hall (the most unsung hero in the CFL!)
The Rider difficulties I believe, other than perhaps too much shuffling of players needlessly, are on offense and therefore the direct responsibility of George Cortez. His only excuse I see is that Chamblin may be overriding &/or micro managing his decisions.
I assume he will be an early 'retirement' once the season has ended.

Chamblin essentially doesn't touch the O.

Thats what she said too. bah da dum. :stuck_out_tongue:

well maybe he should as the head coach's job usually depends on the success or lack of the teams performance.

A significant number of HCs are like this. They are all up in either the O or the D and they then spend enough time with other phases to be familiar with it and to get to know the players better. More, a lot more, are like this than the other way around...ie Huff is like this, Wally is like this, Lapo was generally like this, Trestman is like this

Yep, generally a HC is in the mix in the phase of the game he comes from and pretty hands-off on the other aspect. So if he comes from a defensive background, like Chamblin, he won't be heavily involved in the offensive side of things.

Just my 2 cents -
Chamblin's background is in being a good DC - and probably tells Richie where the gaps are in his plans
Last year we had a QB coach that would assist the OC - and help identify gaps. This year there is no sounding board for the OC.

Is this what we are missing this year?

What is missing this year is an O.C. who can adapt his game to what is available to him. Rather we have an O.C. who is set in his ways, with a " my way or the highway" attitude, and no skill set to adapt to what he has to work with. In other words a giant grade F in the job he has done.
Most of his success in the past has been being in the right place at the right time with elite athletes. Give him something other than the ideal situation and he has been a major flop throughout his career, as evidenced this year, and his time in Hamilton and Buffalo. Last years playoff run had little to do with him and everything to do with Durant saying F... you, I'm running out of this shi t play you called and taking the team to the top, IN SPITE of what you are calling for.

I think most question if there should be an independent QB coach, but Cortez does not stand alone. He has Dyce, Cobourne, Tucker and Malone

as the head coach or coordinator your only as successful as the coaching staff you surround yourself with ?
o-line leads league in holding penalties ?
special teams not so special ?
football is a true team sport where all athletes must do their assignment in order for others to succeede.

i find it a bit funny that last year there was a bit of questioning of Cortez when Sheets went down and we lost 4 in a row but after we win out in the playoffs not one mention of his play calling. Yes I too have been fairly critical of some of the things he has done or not done with the offense this year but its almost like he is using this time with Durant injured as a complete experiment time seeing where things work and where they don't. If they work he almost immediately abandons it and goes onto something else. If something doesn't work he sticks to it trying to make it work. I know its not rational to do this as it cost us a shot at a home game and possibly lots of travel to go any wheres.

Cortez is a strange duck no question about it but I will bet no one will mentioned him if the Riders go all the way again in the playoffs. This team has been a bit of an experiment on both sides of the ball though all season. Some through injuries and others from guys not working out the way they hoped. Look at our sack total of 61 Edmonton is 11 behind us and the closest yet look at the amount of points the defense has given up and the amount of PI calls against us has to be at or near the top in the league. So while the defensive line has been great our backfield has been sorely lacking. This is what has been so frustrating about this team. They have areas that they are very good but others are average at best.

I guess the question is can the good do enough to cover for the average or is that to big of an obstacle to over come? I guess we will find out when the first playoff game kicks off. It probably won't take long to see which team will show up.

honestly, I think the riders are ok. but I would like to see them use Kerry joseph and tino, in the last game, maybe they can work in tandem to get the job done, but they have to let sunseri pass the ball in the second half, let him watch from the sidelines the first half, they can always put joseph back in if he falters, its like an exhibition game anyways. ??? what do you think ???

There will never be a coordinator that people always agree with, and generally when things go sour they are the ones who get a lot of the blame, along with the HC of course. Cortez often upsets me because I know what he is capable of. IMO he has by far the deepest playbook in the CFL, and perhaps the deepest in pro football...or definitely in the top few anyways. As far as no independent QB coach, I think DD was getting sick of the rotating door there...one and done. I think you would be hard pressed to find a QB who has seen as many new coaches as DD over his career.
HC - Austin - Miller - Marshall - Miller - Chamblin
OC - Miller - LaPolice - Berry - Dyce - Cortez
QB - Austin - Nobody - Barresi - Crandell - Nobody - Jones - Cortez
...17 coaching changes...c'mon!...DD probably just told em F it...lets just work with Cortez. I can't blame him, and DD apparently likes Cortez a lot. I still think there should be a QB coach, because it is a spot you can groom future coaches and it is just a good set of eyes.
This season Cortez has had to keep his playbook tight because of DDs injury. After that he had stone footed hesitant QB who has lost the players in the huddle...he won't be back next season...the team showed that when they started him and didn't let him pass...that is not a decision made by Cortez...that is a decision made by the staff as a group, a guy with what appears to be not a strong enough arm or is far far from ready, and a guy who came into the mix pretty darned late and has done well in the short time in town.
For ready now OCs on the market...the only guy I might consider as a potential replacement for Cortez is Lapo, but the thing with Lapo is you know he will be gone with a HC offer.

IMO, and I know that I and others discussed this when they were winning, the OL was an issue this season. Not for lack of talent, but I just don't think the coaching is as good as it should be there.

I think the other big issue is at LB. Sure, everyone knows this...but this could very easily be a coaching issue as well. Not saying it is, but it could be. Hall was LB coach last season, and sure, he may have had better talent at inside, but not so much at other LB spots. Brad Miller doesn't, IMO, have a glowing resume. He is the eyes for this. These are the guys that stood out to him in mini-camps. Don't tell me better didn't try out...there are too many unemployed LBs to say that.

Dyce...well...I let him slide as ST coordinator purely on injuries and what he has to work with. Between injuries to Nationals probably hitting a record and being forced to use DLmen on ST, he has not been given much chance at success.

Tucker...receiver coach...no idea what to say here. The guys seem to know their assignments pretty well, so he must be doing well.