Thank you so much to the Ti-Cat staff for getting this going. It is very much appreciated.

My employment situation has changed this year and I wont have the flexibility to watch all the games live. I will be able to record the TV broadcast to watch at a later time. However, the fifth quarter and the Ti-Cats show are different stories. Now I wont have to miss any of it.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!

Yes I love this Cause Offen miss
The Ticats Show

Once again, I am glad the TiCats are following the lead of the Forbidden Website.

A few weeks ago it was introducing "red" as the highlight colour for the team, and now the Cats have a "podcast".

Keep up the great work, and keep following our lead. You'll find Nirvana by being with us, instead of against us.

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!!! I just listened to a few shows that I missed live. This is a great feature and not the first time that the team has responded with something that was asked for in the forums. We know you're listening and we appreciate it.

NO...the Forbidden Website does NOT do it. This is just a simple download of audio files.

Read this and if you still don't know what the difference is let me know.

I think I still don't get it. The TiCats are offering a "true" podcast, but are insisting that I download a specific player to listen to the media file?

Our own Caretaker was a pioneer in transfoming the open source code and movement into a profitable and innovative business. Yet to listen to a common format media file we must download a specific player developed by the sellers of the portable devices podcasts in part derived their name from? (can someone post the url so I can point my ipodder to the link...thanks).

BTW, if you take everything I mention in these forums at face value, you're missing the whole point of the Forbidden Website.

(hint...its a play on words...sounds serious, but its fun, twisted, light hearted and purely for entertainment. Leave the darkside, find Nirvana! lol)

Well, the podcasts offered here do fit the definition of a podcast. You can subscribe to RSS feeds to download them, and that's just one thing that separates these form being downloadable audio files. Some websites say they have podcasts, but they aren't truly podcasts.

But that was an interesting point about only iTunes being supported now. One would think that there'd be support for something open source, like iPodder, which you can find out about if click here. And I'd look up the information that needs to be entered if I had the time to look into that.

Anyway, as one of the people who asked for podcasts to be offered, I am very pleased to see this. For reasons that other people mentioned, these podcasts certainly are good to have.

That's what I was trying to point out...and there are many other sites that do it.

I have tried other software, basically news aggregators such as FeedReader and the like, but no where near the functionality...its only one piece of the puzzle. I will play with ipodder when I get time...but their site states its under development which makes me hesitant.

The added bonus of going the iTunes route is the iTunes store. Its possible that people will discover our content, and therefore discover us when they might not have otherwise.

I'm happy that you are happy. I enjoyed working on it because it was something completely new to me. And I'm sure that it will become bigger and better as we go.

I live in New Zealand (Invercargill, in the deep south), but born and raised in the land of the Ticat and still bleed Gold & Black. The Podcasts are great, I just spent the afternoon listening to them all (Fantastic listening to the Canuck accent), and will be listening to the game on the net (CHML) I can't wait till the next innovation. Thanks Bob, and your great team! Go 'Cats.