Hey Guys

I'm a new Redblacks fan from Brisbane, Australia. I have been into the NFL (massive Packers fan) for a long time, but never got into the CFL. Anyway, looks like I might be finally achieving my dream of spending a year in Canada next year and I want to setup base in Ottawa, so I am now officially a fan of the Redblacks. Which is cool because I'm getting into them in their first season! :slight_smile:

Anyway, it's hard for aussie fans to keep up to date (as well as learn everything new at the same time). I have found a good way to keep up to date with the Pack is through podcasts. I was just wondering if anyone knew any good CFL or Redblacks podcast as I am having trouble finding some.

Anyway, I'm going to try and visit this board frequently. I look forward to getting to know everyone and who knows, maybe I'll see you at some games ion 2015 :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks guys!

Coolness. :thup:

Are you on Twitter? That's where I tend to find out about radio interviews, podcasts and such. Look up a gentleman named Mike Sutherland and TSN Radio 1200. Off the top of my head, they would be the best source for such a thing.

I've actually started a list for "international" Redblacks fans, so if you are on Twitter, I'd love to have you on there. It's...quite small that the moment. :wink: Look me up: @FootballCapital

Thanks for the reply. Yes I am on twitter. I am @ozcheesehead I will look you up.

TSN.ca/podcasts. Has a whole section on the CFL. Busier during the season but still one or two a week in the off season.

Thnaks mate, will check it out.