I’m interested in listening to all team podcasts.
Great way to gear up for game day!

As a Bomber Fan here are two.

Doug Brown’s Spin Zone
The Paul LaPolice Show

Please post for your team!


Hamilton has the Tiger-Cats Show with Rick Zamperin and Danny McManus. You can download it for free on iTunes.

Great, thanks! :smiley:

Inside the Argos

We also produce www.rougeradio.com which comes out weekly and covers the CFL,CIS and CJFL. This week have amazing fans from edmonton who tell us of their grey cup t home experience and fascination with dan kepley!

Next week we have lined up Jesse Lumsden!

Thanks for the replies.
I really enjoy listening to Danny Mac.
He's a good teacher of the game. Does he coach?

Hope to make this a sticky.

Cheers from Japan

He may have been a QB couch before, but I'm not certain. Right now, he's a scout for the Cats.