Anyone know what's up with the podcast? I seem to only see one from June....

While you're waiting, feel free to kill some time by enjoying the first ever TiCats-related podcast in the history of the internet, B.A. Johnston's "Jesus is From Steeltown" (hosted by your friends at argos-suck.com):


Labour Day, Ivor Wynne Stadium, Classy Pinball Clemons, The Forbidden Chant...all put to music. A real classic.

I've posted about this a couple weeks back. What is the deal? The team makes a big deal introducing a Tiger-Cat podcast last season and yet it hasn't been updated in weeks. C'mon, I can understand having problems on the field, but Bob, technology is your forte, can't you get this going????

Or go see the live version at Pepperjack Cafe Friday night. Possibly on the patio.