Podcast of Obie and Duane Ford leading up to the draft


From Drew Edwards, a nice insight to the draft from 2 aces.

Drew has a podcast now and I am listening to it as I type this. Has a good pre-draft interview with Obie.

[url=http://scratchingpost.thespec.com/2010/04/a-test-of-the-podcast-broadcasting-system.html]http://scratchingpost.thespec.com/2010/ ... ystem.html[/url]

I guess it was a double thread about it and was merged.

in listening to that It seems like the biggest concern among all gm's is the NFL gobbling up Canadian talent which could possibly be the main reason why all gm's want the number of starting Canadians reduced.

I have heard some fans want the starting # of Canadians reduced.
Where did you hear ALL GM's want the number reduced?

As a matter of fact Obie said they might look at starting an extra Canadian in the podcast.

The gm’s are the ones who voted for the reduction of canadian starters, their reasoning was that it’s too hard to go out and find replacements for non import starters.

Nice job on the podcast and the video, but Drew...C'mon dude, what is up with that hair? Seriously bad hair man!!

I really was not impressed by his 1st Pod Cast ..

The Interviews where very Basic and Sound Quality of the Podcast was bad..

But his 1st one it was just okay

I tried listing to on my Ipod it was mono played in 1 ear very Distracting

I am sure it will get better