Podcast Issue

I’m receiving the following error when I try to subscribe to the Tiger-Cats podcast. I’m hoping someone will be able to help me out.

“Your request could not be completed. The item you’ve requested is not currently available in the Canadian Store.”


Why has no one from the team responded to this issue? I would like to subscribe to this podcast and this site claims that it's available, yet it doesn't work and cannot be found through itunes. What's the deal here?


I've been subscribed to the Tiger Cats Podcasts since 2006, and the last podcast to be made was on November 29, 2007. There hasn't been any new content for 2008 thus far. I get the same error as you do when I try and look for the podcast in iTunes. I think the team has discontinued them, despite what it says under the "News" tab of this website.

Thanks for your response Urzatron.

For those that are interested, I figured out how to subscribe to this podcast. I found the following url:

  • Open itunes
  • Go to the menu Advanced | Subscribe to Podcast...
  • Paste in the above URL and click OK

However, as Urzatron stated, the next problem is, why isn't there any recent files to download for this podcast? The last one was from November 25th, 2007. I used to enjoy listening to the Tiger-Cat show and the 5th Quarter on this podcast. Please update the podcast again.