Pocket vs Roll out

I noticed last week that Ricky Ray rolled out a bit more and had a great day. I was watching some old Grey Cups and noticed that QBs rolled out more back in the 70s. I know its all about percision pocket passing now, but keeping your QB alive should be a priority. Thoughts?

Rambling thoughts on this. I think much of a QB's tendency to scramble depends on their physical ability and stature. Doug Flutie? Small, quick and mobile....and his ability to be an effective passer on the run was unmatched. Ricky Ray is bigger and less mobile, so is probably better off sticking to the pocket.
Secondly, the D line guys are much, much, much quicker now than they were in the 70's and are more likely to cut off the escape routes, forcing the QB's to stay home.
Finally, the QB loses "passer protection" once he leaves the pocket so it gets more dangerous. He does regain that protection once he sets up again, but sometimes there's just no time.