Poblah on scrap heap after playing just 3 games

We basically forfeited our first draft for 2012 for the next Jesse Lumsden.
Talk about a bust of a draft pick :thdn:

[url=http://www.winnipegfreepress.com/breakingnews/Poblah-done-for-the-season-due-to-injury-129964268.html]http://www.winnipegfreepress.com/breaki ... 64268.html[/url]

.....I don't know why we took him off of the original 9 game if he wasn,t a 100 percent...It;s too bad...The kid is a physical specimen...I hope he can heal-up for next year and show up to tc. completely healthy...This one kind of worries me cuz i've seen this picture before with Jabari Arthur...Sometimes it might be better to deal him before we take on an injury prone player for any length of time...Tough call...He shows such great promise but that doesn't count for much in the long run ..If he can't stay on the field....How about Kito and Morley for Josh Bourke straight-up.... :roll:

you've gotta be kidding me.. then next Jesse Lumsden? he has TWO injuries in his career and he's missed about one season. it's not injury prone until it's a pattern. you can't have a pattern of one.

.....I wouldn't compare him to Lumsden...certainly there hasn't been enough time to do that comparison...I do know we had Arthur here for a short-time and he couldn't stay healthy...so we dealt him...I like the kid and am hoping he has just ran into some bad luck...I guess we'll see next year as he's done for 2011 :roll:

yeah, I was talking about the OP. I can see where you're coming from papa.

Wow what a rough start to a career for the kid, hope he heals up well.

The first injury resulted when he fell, without contact, trying to catch a pass.
The 2nd injury? Who knows? Poblah's definitely not living up to the hype.

so? what does any of that have to do with trying to make a pattern out of one missed season? if it happens again, maybe it's worth worrying about then

what a ridiculos topic and your little stupid pictures shows your true ignorance.. concussions are funny in your mind? awesome. karma is gonna come for you. DELETE THIS CRAP THREAD