Poach 3 players

If you could poach three players, each one from another CFL team, with no cap considerations, who would you poach?

Als fan here, so I’ll start.

BC: WR Alexander Hollins
SSK: OT Jermarcus Hardrick
WPG: DB Evan Holm


The three big key O-line men from the Larks…four if nobody sees me snipe that one too


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For the Bombers:

MTL Safety Marc-Antoine Dequoy
TOR D-line Folarin Orimolade
OTT Returner DeVonte Dedmon


For the Cats:

MTL - Tyrice Beverette
SASK - Jameer Thurman
TOR - Wynton McManis

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Wasn’t me, I didn’t do it.

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All great choices. Toronto just keeps finding studs on the defensive line. O-line too. Gotta give it to their scouts.

For the Argos:

Montreal: Tyson Philpot. He might be the most explosive player in the CFL

Montreal: Cole Spieker. Doesn’t drop a ball.

BC: Vernon Adams Jr. Plays as close to Flutie as anyone in the CFL today. And besides we need an upgrade at the QB position.

If I had a reserve position, I’d take Montreal’s Tyler Snead who is currently injured. Sure hands. Gamer.


Yeah, Spieker hangs on to everything. One of the best fifth receivers in the league IMO.

Adams is playing at a crazy level right now. Obviously Maksymic deserves credit, as do BC’s receivers, but it would all be for nought if Vernon weren’t seeing the game at a Matrix-like level. The pocket awareness, the escapability, making every kind of throw from every position. Scary.

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For Toronto;

From Edmonton; Boris Bede. Give me back my favourite kicker

From MTL; Tyrice Beverette. One of the best defensive players out there and contributes on ST.

From SSK; Rolan Milligan Jr… Another great DB. Leads the league in INTs and ST Tackles.


Great picks. Hajrullahu hasn’t been bad for the Argos, though!

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Ha, I got disqualified for atempting
a fourth pick if nobody was looking.


For the Lions

Chris Streveler-- I’m not his biggest fan and his position is still back-up, but seeing Strevy & Zack on the field together was captivating to me. It must drive a defence nuts. Seeing him & VA on the field together? :grinning:

Tyson Philpot–Not that we need him right now but he has a shiny bright future. He, and hopefully his brother, could be around for a long time.

Devonte Dedmon–I’m not totally sold on Williams, he’s good, but Dedmon is better.


BC: Vernon Adams Jr.
Sas: Sam Emilus
Win: Brady Olievera


For the Stamps:

BC- Vernon Adams- This team would have a very different look with a top tier QB.

Ottawa- Lawrence Mauldin IV- Feel that he would complement Vaughters as an edge rusher.

Ottawa: Devonte Dedmon- My favorite returner without question.


For the Ti-Cats

Hladik: Can play WLB or MLB

Tyson Philpot: He’s been excellent since the Grey Cup.

Dequoy: Put him CB, DHB


Great ratio busting picks! I had thought of putting Tibo Debaillie on this list as a global ratio buster but doesn’t quite move the needle enough.

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But this leaves you still with BO

I’d love to have Beverette on the Bombers :crossed_fingers:

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On a more serious note: Cerezna, Dequoy,McInnis for the Riders