PM Harper Help Built CFL Stadiums, Good For Canada

PM Harper if you read this post please support the CFL and help our game and help support our brand of football and our great tradition and our biggest sporting event in our country the Grey Cup which brings Canadians coast to coast. You could use Loto money to help built new stadiums in Halifax and Quebec that need them which would help grow the CFL coast to coast in our great Country as well as the Grey Cup in these two important regions in our Country.

       PM Harper it`s over due and I beleive where you are a sports fan and hopefully a CFL fan and if you do show interest and that you do care about our game and the CFL by attending the Grey Cup and supporting our own football in Canada and also support keeping the NFL out of our country to protect our great game and the Grey Cup that is very important to many Canadians to keep and save for many

more years to come.

           PM Harper if you decided to tomorrow 
     to help build a stadium in Halifax and Quebec city which they deserve and also need total support from you as PM for it to happen, it would grow the CFL and make it a stronger leaque and promote our Canadian Brand of football in a bigger and better way and make the Grey Cup even a bigger event then it is now because of these to important markets being part of the CFL in quest for the Grey Cup. It would also help our country and bring Canadians closer coast to coast and make our country stronger in relation to being proud to be a Canadian and proud of our great country through our great and own brand of football that is truely ours and Canadians could celebrate our great game and the Grey Cup,feeling totally part of our great tradition with all regions being represented.

         PM Harper, this wopuld be the best money spend and you would be very popular and win Canadians hearts and show your true Canadian love for our great country. I hope you read this or someone takes this post and finds away to get it in the hands of the PM, it may help him act and realize the importance of supporting our great game and the CFL and our great traditin the Grey Cup in dreams of having a Grey Cup in Halifax and Quebec City in the future. PM Harper we need you as our PM to make it happen.

             CFL FAN HALIFAX

...dang it.....i thought this was going to be the announcement that Asper got the go-ahead on his plan for the stadium in the Peg.....oh well ..... i do , however, agree with your heartfelt statements about our country and the CFL....good one ..wspidel... :thup:

I will copy this and drop it off in his mail box.

ya to bad harper is to americana to care bout the CFL

If fact the opposite is true.

great we should all do that.

This is his email address

I don't believe this for a minute. He's seems like a true patriot to me.

Harper has been to many CFL games. He and his family enjoy the game.

good thing you said to use lotto money, otherwise I was gonna diss you something fierce.

Bring the military back and us that money.

Yes agree the government should do whatever it takes to build the game by investing in stadiums.
In addition and equally as important, just like the legislation in the 70's, pass current legislation to protect this great league and PREVENT any thought the NFL may have in coming.

Personally, I vote for schools, health-care, infrastructure......

How about the adscam and all of the waste and abuse of our tax dollars by the crooked politicians, be it municipally, provincially and federally.
I would much rather help build this great game which is one of the few Canadiana instutions left.

Schools that pisses me off. My property tax is half for schools I have no kids and choose not to. Why am I paying to educate someone to take my job.

That's my point!
Take the money and fund the schools, and property owners wont have to(in theory of course)

because someone else without kids paid to help try to educate you

Why should those not interested in sports, or football, help to pay for your entertainment?

Educating our youth benefits the society in general. I have no problems throwing my tax dollars at it.

I have several teachers in the family. They don't have any problem with education tax dollars either. :smiley:

building a new stadium in a city that doesn't have one, and would be multi-use (i.e. multiple sports must use it) is OK by me.
Forking over millions to a millionaire in Wpg in a sweetheart of a deal? forget it.