Plus ca change plus ca reste la meme

At the beginning of the season we were getting no respect and even though we made the grey cup it seems like the media is still selling us short. Im watching "Walby's Warriors" (better not to ask why) so far all Ive seen is 1 alouette (okeke) on his list. We got to be hte most disrespected team in the league. Also point of interest I only saw two eskimos on that list (ray and gass). But then again Walby isnt exactly a genius of our time behold this uneditted quote from Walby said to damon allen "the fountain of youth certainly shines upon you"

Piss on Walby, were was Damon Allen when the 93rd Grey Cup was played? And Montreal dealt em a nice humbling loss in the eastern final! not to mention, that damon allen is too overrated, A,C, and Ray have a tendancy to rip that (TO,A) defence apart! "Merci Montreal in the 93rd grey cup"

And for the record as an edmonton esks’ fan. If we lost this grey cup, there is no better team to have won it, than yours truly, “MONTREAL ALOUETTES”