PLP messes up 3 weeks in a row

  1. Poor playcalling in the last minute loses us a hard-fought game in Calgary.
  2. Poor playcalling in the last 11 seconds costs us a game in Hamilton.
  3. PLP throws Serna under the bus & brings in a guy, Sakoda, who hasn't kicked a FG in 2 years. Lucky 13 pulls a calf muscle during practice yesterday and PLP is scraping egg off his face. Now we have to play Hamilton without a FG kicker and Renaud's doing kickoffs.

If we lose this game, this will be 3 losses in a row lost by poor coaching decisions. Maybe Coach LaPolice should be thrown under the bus?!? :oops:

PLP also brought Pierce back too soon and was forced to bring Jyles back at the end of the first half.
With Mtl next week and a home & home against Sask., we could be 2-8.

Make it 4 weeks in a row.... Jyles should have been your starter this week... Pierce crapped the bed once again against the Cats!'s a bigger one....Plops ol buddy Kavis Reed should never have seen the outskirts of the City Of Wpg....Reed has got to go....completely incompetent....Less than 'cis' schemes won't get it done...I had a bad feeling when Nelson was let go and now the 'chickens' have come home to roost :thdn: Building for next year already seems to be on the horizon...AND i for one am damn sick and tired of it :thdn: FIRE the d co-ordinator and try to get some quality d players in here or languish in the basement for the rest of the year...AND i don't want to hear some guy come on here crying that we are too willing to 'hang' our coaches....NOBODY should hold a job who has shown that much incompetence...BYE BYE REED :thdn:

Weird how well they played in the first game and since they have benn getting worse and worse.

When was the last time you saw a HC on the sideline do nothing after a player (Hunt) has taken back to back 15 yard ur penalties on the same drive ? I was speechless at that point, Lapo has looked 'frozen' at times out there.

I think he needs to drop the OC duties and just concentrate on being a HC and getting this team ready:

  • discipline issues
  • poor situational decisions
  • poor roster management (no back up place kicker, wtf)

That is why the team is looking to be regressing as these issues start to compound.

Well so far Jim Barker is eating Mack and Popo alive when it come to team building.

His experience is showing as far as the points I mentioned, but that should be expected compared to any rookie squads you put him up against. However, and not using it as an excuse, nobody has faced the sort of injuries that the Bombers find themselves up against right now.

The Argo's aren't even close to as good as their record shows.When you have a guy like Boyd that can carry the workload all game long and then a guy like Lemon who can hit a wide open receiver when teams are expecting the run, good results will happen instantly.But, all of their wins have been close 4th Q comebacks that the other team gift wrapped for them.You stop Boyd, you stop the Argos.Period.Bombers are way better than the Argo's.

Of course you don’t want some guy saying that. Complaining and wanting coaches fired is your national pasttime. It was predicted.
your team is rebuilding. better live with it. Can’t just keep firing. its what 5 HC, 3 GMs and countless coaches run out in a few years. gotta stop the madness and allow for growth.

Perhaps some people should get their facts straight before jumping all over the coach:

  1. Of the three throws to the endzone in the last minute of the Calgary game, only 1 of them was the play called by Lapo.
  2. The last play against Hamilton was a good call. The entire Hamilton defense except for the guy went in the wrong direction. If Hargreaves had made his block, Jyles would have scored.
  3. Serna stunk. There were three games we could have won if Serna had made his kicks. One of them he got a pass for because of the problems with the snapping but not the other two. As for Sakoda's injury, how the heck is that Lapo's fault?!? How could anyone have foreseen that?
  4. If the medical staff said Pierce was ready and Pierce is fine during practices, why would he be kept out?

IMO Bluefeces is full of himself.

Good god, people! The sound of your jumping off the bandwagon is deafening!

Lapo was not the one who dropped an easy catch (Hargreaves and others) or who fumbled the ball on about the Hamilton 20 (Reid) or blew countless penalty calls (such as the Ralph non-TD in the 4th). Reed was not the one who let Bruce get behind on two successive drives.

Last year's defence was statistically the worse in the league. And please don't use "the defence was on the field forever" argument because that's BS!! Bombers' opponents average time of possession last season was 30:24. For the Riders, their opponents average TOP was 30:03 and for the Ticats, their opponents average TOP was 30:01.

....and your way of passing time is to hold on to incompetence, until another 20 years goes by, till there's another Bomber Cup run

....look don't hold cards that don't make up a winning discard them...IF you find that unpalatable...then get in the real world ...THIS IS A BUSINESS and if you don't perform ...adios...You don't like it...too bad ,, it's the way of the world my friend...Not always easy and often unkind....
...Kavis Reed has proven to be a failure with other clubs... (namely with the cats for one)it wouldn't be the first time his abilities have come into question....wake-up flag....this team will NEVER get better holding onto deadwood.. :wink:

Just as complaining about how Bomber fans view their coaches seems to be YOUR personal pastime.

Give it a rest. LaPolice is a good football man, but his newness to the position of head coach has been evident in the past few weeks. And it’s not exactly a stunning revelation that Kavis Reed isn’t the world’s best D coordinator.

....bang-on discipline....I know LaPolice was familiar with Reed and i would bet a dollar to a donut that was his main reason for hiring him....When you're taking on a newer/greater position, that is an easy tarpit to fall into...Hiring a d co-ordinator ,should have not been done because you happen to be familiar with the guy.....We had a good one in Nelson (geez i wish we had him back) but alas a new broom sweeps clean and he became a casualty...I would say that if our defence does not show marked improvement in the coming games, someones arse is going to be on the line (if it isn't already)...The real rebuild will start there :wink:

You LOVED all of these guys in the off-season. What happened?

Some were wondering if Baressi, Lapo, Reed, etc. were the source of the Riders' success. I guess we've answered that question. here's a post by you artie, i have to agree with....It's becoming quite evident ,that some of the coaching success obtained by the three amigos, was somehow left on the rider bench ....I guess it would help them though, if they had the same players/ personnel to work with , as they had in greenland...ya think :wink:

While I don't know your team as well as mine, I didn't think you're that bad personnel-wise.

We have a very talented IR don't you think.

.....yes.....and just wait till they get back artie :stuck_out_tongue: