Plesius Trade

For Nick Shorthill from MTL as per Ticats twitter

Shortill is a McMaster grad, Plesius, a Laval grad goes back to Quebec

"A native of Nobleton, Ontario, Shortill attended McMaster University from 2011 to 2014, posting OUA All-Star Status twice (2012, 2014) with the Marauders. He was also a member of the CIS All-Canadian team and the OUA’s Most Outstanding Defensive Player in 2014, and played in three Vanier Cups (2011, 2012, 2014), winning one in 2011."

Drew EdwardsVerified account ?@scratchingpost 13m13 minutes ago
The #TIcats will see a cap savings by moving Plesius to #AlsMTL. Shorthill is younger and cheaper.

Drew EdwardsVerified account ?@scratchingpost 11m11 minutes ago
New #AlsMTL LB @FredoPlesius wants a chance to compete for a starting job. Wasn't going to get that with #Ticats.

Mike Daly ? @DalyNews8
Well well well, @NickShortill back in the Hammer. Always a great move bringing a @McMasterSports to the @Ticats #shorty
8:43 AM - 12 Feb 2017

Here is a great reCap of the trade by Drew Edwards

Ticats acquire Nick Shortill from Alouettes for Frederic Plesius (and why they did it)

[url=] ... c-plesius/[/url]

I think you guys won this trade. Shorthill is a great young player with tons of upside. Graded out well in camp last year.

Did they ever.

I agree with disciplineandpunish. Shorthill has a lot of football smarts and could be another Craig Butler in a couple of years.

Tillman gives his pet a Shampoo. :?

I think this is a win- win trade for each team. Plesius gets a chance to start in Montreal at WLB and who knows maybe Shorthill gets tried at SLB here in Hamilton. Plus both get to go back to there home provinces.

Does Montreal have a starting LB position up for grabs? I thought they were all set there. Then again, that Bear fellow seems to be hurt a lot.

The Al's have 5 linebackers currently unsigned that could all become FA's on Tues. The big name on the list is starter Winston Venable at WILL who if I'm hearing correctly is not going to re-sign with Mtl and will hit the open market . The other 4 possible FA's are the ageing Kyries Hebert , Tyree Hollins and Cdns Marc-Olivier Brouilette and Nicolas Boulay .
I'm not sure if Plesius has the chops to start or play at WILL but maybe the Al's figure he can be a ratio breaker if he can come in and replace Venable as a starter this year , if not then at least they'll have a capable replacement for the as you say oft injured Bear fellow in the middle. At worst the Al's if all else fails will still have just acquired a stud on specials and a nice depth and rotational player in Plesius.

In very recent years, I'm sure the Tiger-Cats had the league's second largest "French connection." Ottawa would claim distinction now and, with Plessius traded back home and Archambault heading home to coach, I believe the Cats are now left with just 4 French Canadian players, including Faubert-Lussier who signed to come back to the Cats after playing an extra season at Laval.

I agree that this is an even trade. Freddy is a beast on special teams and a good linebacker. Shortill is a smaller, quicker version of Fredo. Maybe the Cats are looking at a ratio move at linebacker with Terrel Davis, Beau Landry and Shortill all competing for a starting spot. Davis looked very good in limited time last year, while Landry was hurt for most of the year. All 3 players are good on the "teams". :thup:

Pat Lynch (the old guy)

Les Alouettes ont aussi un excellent prospect en réserve en Jared Koster. On va parler de ce gars là dans les prochaines années. Boulay a dit qu'il voulait un poste de partant et qu'il signerait avec une équipe qui pourrait lui donner. Ce n'est donc pas les Alouettes car il n'y a présentement pas de place pour un poste de partant pour Boulay, qui est secondeur intérieur. Brouillette est maraudeur et je ne le vois pas revenir dans la rotation comme secondeur. En 2015, lorsque Woods s'est blessé, c'est Kyler Elsworth qui l'a remplacé. Quand Elsworth s'est blessé, c'est Shortill qui l'a remplacé, avec un certain succès.

Pour ma part, si Shortill a montré de belles qualités, je trouve que Plesius est plus combatif. Il frappe plus fort et est plus énergique dans le feu de l'action. Mais je ne le vois pas jouer la position de Shortill (secondeur intérieur).

D'autre part, les Alouettes ont acquis d'autres secondeurs récemment (Sarao et Johnson), en plus d'avoir déjà Chris Ackie et Jean-Samuel Blanc qui peut aussi jouer comme secondeur. Ceci pour dire que les Alouettes auront des options chez les secondeurs. Je crois cependant que si aucun de Hebert ou Venable n'est de retour, les Alouettes vont avoir reculé au sein de cette unité.

Right here on this site is a good article on Shortill: ... ton-roots/

It includes an interesting fact about Shortill's involvement in the 2011 Vanier Cup game that I wasn't aware of: That Shortill played in that game when he was expected to have to sit it out with the flu that he had. Well, Ptaszek and Knox said they knew he could play through that. Maybe Ptaszek suggested that a trade could be made to acquire Shortill.

And what Daly said about Shortill's involvement in that game was interesting.

I think Shortill will be good to have on special teams and he'll keep getting better.

Welcome back to Hamilton, Nick.