Is it time for Austin to try and trade the rights to these two individuals and get something in return , it just appears to me that they really do not want to be part of this football team.

Last I read Plesius was negotiating a contract with Hamilton. Nadon has just had surgery for a serious shoulder injury. Hamilton will likely wait to see a clean medical report before signing him.

I too read that Plesius was negotiating , I think it came from a Montreal newspaper , but that was weeks ago , maybe it takes a lot of time , beats me . As far as Nadon's surgery goes , you may be right on the clean bill of health thing , but it did not stop The Cats from signing Marcelus Bowman as a free agent and he had knee surgery in Feb and may not be ready for the start of the season.

Bowman was a free agent. Nadon can't go anywhere else :wink:

Plesius now going to Giants Spring Camp :roll:

I would try and deal Plesius and or Nadon to Montreal for their 3rd pick .......They are both Quebec kids and Montreal might have a lot better chance of signing them then we have. Nadon is going to heal eventually and Plesius is going to run out of NFL tryouts at some point. Popp may be interested, or not .

NFL tryout camps have 90 players but only a 53-man roster, so 37 guys are getting cut.

I don't quite understand guys like Plesius. It is one thing to have scouts look to sign you like Giguere and Martin but he's already given up one year of salary getting a nose bleed at all the doors he got slammed in his face, so he's behind one year as a pro, 50k in salary plus what he spent travelling around the States for two years. If your that good why not play a couple years in the CFL and then try your luck. Seems to have worked out ok for Armstead, Wake, Chick, Thigpen, Medlock and the list goes on. After five years in University lets hope he at least go his degree.

Yes,53-man roster but + 8 on practice rosters + injured players. On average approx. 72 players per team.


I thought this title was shakespeare :slight_smile:

I really hope both these guys become mainstays on our defense for the next decade...not to confident that will happen.

I look at it like going on a diet or quitting smoking.
Unless you are REALLY ready to do it, no sense in trying.
Players need to get the NFL out of their system completely.
That being said the lack of LBs drafted by The Cats this year leads me to think they might be able to bag Plesius.

I think what Hfx is saying is that Plesius is going about his NFL aspirations the wrong way. He's struck out so far, so why not sign a 1+1 with Hamilton, boost his stock over the next two years, and try the NFL afterwards? It's worked out well for plenty of CFL players recently.

From what I've read this morning, he does not plan to give up after this mini-camp. If it does not work out he will look for opportunities until NFL training camps. That would put him in Hamilton at some point what ? August or something, so he would miss camp...

So if he arrives in Hamilton in August, what kind of chance would he have then of cracking the lineup? He better get signed to an NFL taxi squad (practice roster for you young'uns) deal or else he better be independently wealthy.

imho. :wink:

Some of these guys are a legend in their own minds. I can see a day when the CFL will have to change their draft system. Maybe lower the Canadian content to ten and have more of the best player plays system, weather he be American or Canadian.

Well looks like they will draft NCAA players after their senior year, right there that will make your CFL training camp opportunity more valuable. Another tool would be to increase the league minimum a bit for drafted rookies who sign before training camp. let's say instead of 46k if you sign prior to camp your minimum is 60k. So over two years you stand to lose 28k. Something else to think about.

I couldn't agree more. Forcing teams to fill nearly half of the roster positions based simply on a player's passport is counter-productive to the best interests of the league, its fans, sponsors and broadcast partners IMO. The roster rule prevents teams from providing the best on-field product possible and cheats fans from experiencing the CFL at the best, most entertaining level possible. It arbitrarily creates two classes of players within the league and, by necessity, forces teams to reward less-talented and under-skilled players at the expense of more skilled, experienced, entertaining and exciting players. I won't expand on the other shortcomings of the roster rule - I have provided those comments on this board in the past.

Blah blah blah.

Signed, Bob Loblaws :wink:

Just find five friends, buy six teams and you can do whatever you want with the ratio. Problem solved 8)