Plesius has signed with the Cats

Drew is reporting that Plesius and the Cats have reached an agreement.

This is great news!

Sounds like he will make a good special teams guy.

tsn reporting aswell!

great move for the Cats!! :cowboy:

Nothing wrong with self confidence but if he's half the super-star he thinks he is Cats should do fine. Even better if he could fill a role on def.

A good signing that will only get better with time, right now on Special Teams and one day maybe LB or as a Rush End, the guy has similar size to the Great Joe Montford and speed to burn, if they can teach him a few of Joe's swim moves at the line we could have another good QB sack leader in the making??

I don't think there'll be much warmth in his welcome to the dressing room -- coming in, nicely in time, to pick up his signing bonus and claim a full pay game cheque, for which he didn't break a training camp sweat, and doing so likely at the expense of another who has had less than 24 hrs. to appreciate his success in making the team after a long, hard camp. I hope he does prove to be, as anotherdork stated, "half the super-star he thinks he is" because, for now, I think the timing of his arrival will be disruptive.

After Plesius was let go from his NFL tryout it was reported a few weeks ago in a french language paper that the Cats were talking with his agent.
With Austin busy with camp, maybe the negotiations took longer.
Whether he missed camp or not, he is a very highly touted prospect and I am glad he has signed.

Yea he is going to have to prove his worth very quickly to earn the respect of teamates.
Signing the day after final cuts.... WOW

Nice! Let's hope that his Laval coach doesn't, Constantine whatever, treat him like a piece of s.....t if he meets up with his former player now that he has signed a CFL contract. This player or any player in this type of situation does not deserve that at all, in the least.

So if they've signed him, who gets cut to make room for him?

After missing the entire training camp it could be a case where he spends a few weeks on the one game IR as they sort through things and see just how good he is. Can he step in and be rush end in a rotation or would he just be almost exclusively a special teamer working towards time at Will LB.
He has not been in a CFL setting since 2012 E Camp one NFL rookie mini camp has been it for himsince the vanier Cup.
If I remeber correctly he moved out of position to MLB at Laval for his 5th season so he has not even played on the edge or OLB since who knows.

Glen Constantin is a very classy guy. I'm sure he's proud of all his former players who have made it to the CFL.

Plesius played 4 years at Laval. In his first 3 years he was an outside linebacker. In his fourth year he switched to MLB to replace the previous year's starter, who had retired. He never played DE at Laval. It is my understanding that the Tiger-Cats see Plesius as a MLB. He certainly has the build for that position.

I'm not following you here ... what is it that you are trying to say?

In this year of the Dispersal Draft to supply Ottawa with bodies I don't think we should be too criticial how we build depth.

The point was that pesius exhausted his 7 years to play five with CEGEP a year at Baylor and 4 at Laval = 7 seasons.
With Hamilton really seeing him last season as a given roster spot player at the very least as a special teamer. Then claims he is waiting until NFL options are exhausted which was last season after the Eagles camp really. If not then it would be this year when the NFL teams all held there rookie mini camps which als had come and gone and he still decides to sign after TC is over. It does not make any sense.

He also spent his freshman year at Baylor since he was in Quebec school system after CEGEP he 1 at Baylor and 4 at Laval = 5 years of university was my point and his 7th and final year of eligibility.
Acouple reports about his position in Hamilton one was also as rush DE and most of University years at the week side LB so time will tell where he is slotted.
He will still need a training camp time to learn the D before he will do anything but ST.

So far he is not on the roster anywhere. Anyone have a better update then the official CFL site

He's on the roster now, and we're currently at 47 again. Any bets on who develops a sudden mysterious injury? Or as cflsteve says, maybe he develops on himself as he works his way onto the team.