Plesius cut by the Giants

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Good news for HAM.
Condolences, Hfxtc

Your one strange little man.

Just thought I'd offer some sympathy as Plesius, like Giguerre, sticking in the NFL would have a been a rich source of posting material for you.
Don't worry ,you still have Gaydosh, maybe some others.

Before we celebrate either way, Gents, let's wait and see how the player fares in training camp!!!

Wow !

Some are assuming that since Plesius has not made the Giants main camp he will sign with Hamilton , Hang on folks , there are many more rookie mini camps to be run by the NFL , he has publicly stated that he will continue to persue a NFL contract if he was not successful with The Giants .
I sincerly hope we sign him before training camp, but in my opinion, it is far from a done deal.

Plesius is heart broken he may end up with the TiCats. :cry: Lots of camps out there Plesius keep trying. We'll keep a light in the window for you.

He shouldnt be. Actual play in a professional league is the best and most accurate way to show what you got. He should be champing at the bit to play to prove NFL types they were wrong.

Plesius didn't make it with the Giants but probably will tryout for another NFL team before accepting a position with Hamilton and it's only normal to try all avenues south of the border before accepting a deal in the CFL?

I think Plesius will have a tougher time trying to catch on in the NFL compared with Gaydosh who has huge size and ability, he's probably a good candidate to make the Panthers even as practice roster player at the very least?

It worries me that NFL teams are throwing him away so quickly, I have no clue how much talent he has but multiple NFL teams are thinking not much...

I suspect at his age may have something to do with it. He will be a 25 year old rookie in the NFL so unless he has showed the ability to be a starter very soon most likely he will continue to be past over by the NFL. He was not signed by the Eagles last year and returned to the same level of play in the CIS so how much better could he have gotten. Taking a 1 + 1 with Hamilton and he could have been a Jerrell Freeman type but needed to take that step up to the pros in the CFL last year.
As was mentioned going to the CFL and showing his stuff would be a better way to get to the NFL if he has now again not been offered an NFL contract after a tryout 2 years in a row.
The only kind of game film they have is from the CIS and Laval.
Redshirting at Baylor then returning to Canada without ever playing a NCAA DI down. Was in the same 2008 class as RG3

They have so much talent to choose from, any weakness from a CIS player, goodbye.

I watched the video of LB Optimus Prime on the Scratching Post. He never seemed to be out of position and was a tackling machine. If the Colts release him, we could have 2 Canadian middle linebackers with similar skill sets. Was Priestner the last starting Canadian middle man for the Cats or was it Gifto? :smiley:

Pat Lynch(the old guy)

Canadian MLBs are starting to make their presense known in the CFL. Emery in Montreal up for defensive player of the year and backed up by another solid MLB special teamer In Marco B.
Pierre Luc Labbe is nothing to sneeze a either after cutting his teeth as a special teamer for three years year four saw him come in on second and longs and was in a firce battle with another Canadian in Muamba. Similar situation for james Yurichuk in BC. Took the back up spwecial tems route for a few years and in 2011 filled in great for Elimimian when he was out. Unfortunately for Yurichuck another all star MLB appeared in BC ain Adam Bighill and now they have both Bighill and Elimian. I think that he will be a great starting MLB in Toronto. Labbe also getting older could also look into free agency as a hott item when the time comes. Yurichuk and Labbe are cut from that Mike O'Shea cloth while top imports Sherrit and Bighill come with a Dan Kepley hard hitting style as well.

The good thing that is both Prime and Plesius become available they most likely can be put right into action on the Canadian Potion of the roster and bring that MLB special teams pop on coverage teams.

In fact the east could possibily have four starting Canadian MLBs in the near future with solid canadian Back ups to boot

I don't think Plesius has the football IQ to be a starting MLB in the CFL. I see him as a clone of Walter Spencer just not as humble. Could be a really good Special teams guy maybe even Captain if he gets his head screwed on right.

Interesting take a lot of different opinions some think, or maybe just him, That he has an NFL shot, some see as a MLB which could be possoble in the future in the CFL, I always though of him as more of a weak side LB in the CFL

Go get them Plesius show them you've just begun to camp. :cowboy:

In today's Journal de Mtl, Plesius says that he will try every option in the NFL; his goal is the NFL. No mention of the CFL. Another one who thinks that he is better than he really is. Another Giguère!


I don't get these quebec papers. They give Plesius more ink than Calvillo. The guy is nothing special yet he gets a page in the paper every few weeks. Big Joke.