Plesius coming to training camp?

It looks like the Cats 2012 draft pick Fredric Plesius's NFL window is closing as he wan't invited to the super regional combine. He might get an invite to a free agent camp, but (fingers crossed) his chances are slowly diminishing on sticking in the NFL. He would be an excellent addition to special teams and I believe he has the size, speed and talent to be a starting linebacker in the CFL with some grooming.

P.S. Matt Sewell wasn't invited either. The only Canadians listed are: Ben D'Agiular, Stefan Charles, Andrew Hamilton RB (McGill) and Victor Marshall TE (UBC).

Here's the site with the combine invitees:

I Have a feeling the Frederic will not give up on the NFl so easily but will eventually land with the TICATS.
I do feel that he is ideal for the CFL yes and likely too small to be a Linebeacker in the NFL .
He is 6-1 245 and most guys are taller and faster and heavier.
Justin Hickman and Garret Mcyntire both made it as outside linebeckers with CFL Defensice End size .
Hickman is 6-2 , 265 .
Mcyntire is 6-3 , 255

I know Plesius is a bit faster than these two guys but the NFL wants height, size , strength and athleticism.
Frederic lacks on height and size . His 40 times are a bit better than these two guys though but coming from a Canadian University could hurt him .

I think a few all-star years with the cats might help him :slight_smile:

In saturday's Journal de Mtl, it was written that Plesius was in negotiations with the Tiger-Cats.


Cool that is great new !!

Spencer Armstrong WR Air Force rings a bell. Wasn't he drafted by Calgary a few years ago as a future? If he is the same guy he also a Canadian.

I agree. By returning to the CIS last year only made him a year older and did not up his stock any by returning to the same level of play. He is already 25 and has yet to even attend a pro football camp. Two years with the Cats and his performance during that time would have given him a better chance at catching on with an NFL team.
in two years he will be 27 unless he becomes an instant all star in the CFL his age may deter the NFL away.
Shawmad Chambers who also attended the Eagles rookie mini camp where I beleive andy Reid told him to sign with the ESKS and get some pro experience. Chambers also is a little younger.
I do Beleive that Plesius will be an instant success in the CFL at MLB or weak side as well as special teams in which he played and excelled at while in the CIS.
That would leave the Cats with Nadaon Gascon to sign and Hamilton will have brought in some real canadian talent over the past two seasons. Gascon has had injury problems yes but he also will excell on special teams and could be part of a DE rotation as the Cats now have quite a few Canadian DEs and appear to be giving, the mostly dominated import position, Canadian players a shot at some time on at the DE spot bringing a more US football system by using more Dlineman in the rotation

Actually he is the perfect size for an inside linebacker in a 3/4 or an of the positions in a 4/3. Hickman and Mcyntire are 3/4 outside linebackes, thats why they are taller and bigger.

Nadon just had another major operation. I think it was a torn Labrum. That’s in addition to the two ACL operations he’s already had. He’s another guy who will be 25 by the time he gets to his first pro camp if he does not decide to hang it up. Plesius is the one who has the most potential of the two, mostly as a special teamer.

With so many operations and physical problems, Arnaud Gascon-Nadon could end up as another Jesse Lumsden situation, where it all piles up so much that he was forced into retirement.