Plenty of changes

As many as 10 different/new players should be in the line-up for this Sunday's game against the Argos.

While Ferri and Taylor will not play,because of injuries, Calvillo,Cobourne,Cahoon,Richardson,Watkins,Flory,Stewart and Cox are not expected to dress/will sit to make sure they will be OK for the final.

Players that definitely should/will dress include Santos,Whitaker,Hawkins,Maypray,Charlton,Steenbergen and,possibly, Vann,although he could be on the reserve, unless Estelle does not dress. 1 of the following defensive linemen-Buie,Scott and Steinkuhler-should dress,as will/should London-WR- along with Jones-LB-.

A few of the Argos players,including Boyd, are not expected to play .Copeland,Parker,Middlebrooks,Crawford and Johnson are others that should not dress for the Argos

It should be a good game and the Als should win.


Agreed, they should.

Disagree there, with all those starters from both teams not playing, and the game meaning nothing in the overall scheme of things, this may turn out to be a real klunker. . .

With a high of 2 degrees and game being at 4pm, I might just go for 1 quarter and split and go to Shwartz for supper.

Glad I saved my money and didn’t get tickets to this one!

Sounds like a pre-season game to me! It may be interesting, and it may be a yawner - we’ll see.

Frankly, I would have put the starters in for at least a quarter and then start substituting liberally, but, alas, the rules state that only so many guys can dress. I would like to see that rule changed for the last 3 games of the season. For teams that have locked up playoff berths and home field advantage, it would be a good test of the 2nd- and 3rd-stringers. Other teams could also play their roster players.

I'll echo jkm's sentiments. Feels like a preseason game to me, which doesn't necessarily mean it won't be interesting. But the interest IMO will lie in individual player performances and not in the final score, which is meaningless to both clubs.

I bought tickets for this stinking game, I should ask for a refund… :cry:

That's terrible! Watkins is 30 yards off of a 1000 yard season after missing four games, I wanted to see him hit it. And Calvillo is just short of 5000 passing yards.. as a stats guy this bugs me to no end, lol.

Herb writes that Diedrick will start as the RB,replacing Cobourne; I presume that Seagraves will replace Flory,as a starter.


Je suis ambivalent quant à cette proposition. On vit déjà ça à Montréal sans règlement, et manifestement, certains ne sont pas intéressés à acheter des billets sachant que les partants n’y seront pas.

Par contre, le fait de ne pas permettre à des joueurs de gonfler leurs statistiques montre que sous Trestman, personne n’est plus important que l’équipe.

Je suis content que ces réservistes qu’on ne voit pratiquement jamais aient enfin une occasion de jouer. Dans les circonstances, de mettre ces gars-là sur le terrain leur lance le signal qu’ils font partie de l’équipe même s’ils ne sont pas partants.

Pretty damning indictment of Whitaker that Diehdrick is playing and Whitaker is not.

I'll say. . . I wonder how much of a role his failure to pick up a block that resulted in a hit on AC and subsequent fumble played a role in this particular decision. . .

I was thinking about that too, MJ. That said, Whitaker was also not impressive running the ball or catching it out of the backfield that game. The difference between Cobourne and Whitaker in the latter role is quite significant to my mind. When Avon catches the ball, he's capable of either breaking off a big gain, picking up a first down, or generating positive yardage on first down. Whitaker did none of that in the Hamilton loss. For the type of West Coast offense we run, it's absolutely imperative that the running back be a good blocker and pass-catcher. We're not Winnipeg or Toronto: we pass to set up the run, not the other way around.

Ça peut être ça, mais ça peut aussi être simplement pour donner du temps de jeu à Diedrick, considérant que Whitaker en a eu plus que lui cette année.

That could very well be the case, LeStaf, I agree. But we aren’t privy to the inside decision making on such matters, nor should we be.

I concur...

Dietrick is s stud
It may be that the Alouettes are looking for that elusive fullback-type runner to bust it in from the one yd line.
I wouldn't read too much into it.
Cobourne has been dealing with a nagging injury situation
The last thing the Alouettes need is to have him go down in the East final and be without a tailback for the Cup.

Granted...Whitaker missed that block on the fumble
But Calvillo was equally responsible for not picking up that blitz...and for dropping the ball.
Don't hear anyone ragging on him for weeks because of one missed play....


Based on the actual Als roster, the following players have been added to the active roster: Jarriet Buie-I,DE-,Ike Charlton-I,LB-,Bryan Evans-I,CB-,Brandon London-I,WR-,Kristian Matte-N,T-,Tim Maypray-I,WR- and LeRoy Van-I,DB-.

Cahoon,Calvillo,Cobourne,Ferri,Richardson,Taylor and Kerry Watkins have been added to the 1 game injury list.


Why should we, you seem to handle that responsibility quite well on your own, despite your promise to desist for a while.

Anyway, please note I was not ragging on Whitaker. . . only questioning if that is one of the reasons they are sitting him down.

Well the Ticats lost, but kept their starters in. Looks like Stala took a hit - a dangerous thing this late in the season. Same thing for the Riders and the Stamps, although there were two Stamps injured at the end of the game. I don't know about Lumsden; he seems to have all the talent in the world, but can't play more than a few series before being helped off the field.

I think it wise to use the back-ups, but AC & company won't see serious game action for 3 weeks. I would have played them for at least a quarter, then substitute liberally. A head coach is always walking a fine line at this point in the season. On the one hand, you want your first-stringers to stay sharp, but you need to keep them healthy. The second-stringers also need action - who knows when a first-stringer may go down and the game may be on their shoulders?

I'm not sure what to expect today, but I hope that we can pull off a W while remaining healthy. This is an opportunity for the subs to show us what they have to offer; let's hope they can impress us!