I’ve tried the CFL, CBC, etc. but I can’t find where I watch the game on the internet. Please help!

Click the link, does it not work?

There won't be any streaming video till the game actually starts, but do you have the page with the video player up?

Hey BB: I go to CBC and click on PREGAME in progress, and it says this video not available in your area. The actual game link doesn;t lite up-i guess until game time, but my guess is that it too is not available here. This Nanchang is about 5 million but there seems to be only about 30 foreigners here, I’m told. I’ve only seen four of them. Anyway, other major centers have lots of foreigners and lots of services. It appears I may be shut out even though I now have American Express.

I'm upset about this as you are. Is there any Canadian Consulates service you can contact? If there is, they are probably having access to the game. I just cannot think of any other ideas that can help.

all I know is that when you go to under grey cup it says live web cast. I know it costs about 20 bucks but if your in another country its worth it. Hope it helps

Rolly: I went there, but all they have is the games of the regular season. They don't even list the playoff games. CBC seems to have an exclusive on playoffs. That Webcast is what I turn to though: it's a written play by play--often you wait and they give you five plays that just happened. Have a good game, guys, wish I was with you.

There you go indianjack. Rolly may have got your solution. Here's the link and see if you can subscribe with your credit card.

Click the link, it's right in the middle of the page. Upcoming game.....95th Grey Cup

BigBlew: You gave me the right spot but they only take Visa or Mastercard, and I only had American Express. So much for those A.E. ads, eh? Anyway thanks again for being there.

Sorry about not being able to watch the telecast. Like anything else close doesn’t count.

I’ll be browsing around once in a while over here, but will resume posting towards the next season. All of you that have been posting, especially in the Bomber forum, have truly created a positive experience for me. It has been great fun!

So to you indianjack, papazoola, and the ENTIRE roster, a hearty thank-you, and am looking forward to next year.

Warmest regards.