Please ,vote in this POLL!

The TORONTO media does pay attention to these kind of things........."who is your fave football team?" TORONTO and HAMILTON fans please , vote.

If you vote , "none of them" , they will take it as HAM. and TORONTO are not popular.Scoll , half way down, and look to the right.

They are slow.THANK YOU :smiley:

nice find, hellothere....i voted all others, please vote for the argos or tiger-cats EVEN if your a fan of a DIFFERENT CFL team....cuz if u click 'none of them', it could be mis-read as a different nfl support to the CFL!!!

I checked out the site. I placed the cursor on Toronto but my finger refused to click. Then all of a sudden, my middle finger sprung up at me with that all familiar gesture. My wrist then took over, moved the cursor to Hamilton and before I could stop it, it clicked on Hamilton. Sorry about that but least I got a vote in.

Just Voted And Here's The Numbers.
17% For The Bills
38% For The Argos
7% For The Ti-Cats
38% For The Others

Hopefully If We Get The Argos/Ticats Above 50% The Sun Will Actually Start Reporting On Them And Realize Just How Much More The Public Needs Their CFL Fix.

they only put options that would apply to those of us in ontario....but they refused to put the renegades as a choice.....i wonder what the 38% who chose 'none of them' woulda picked, if had an option??

Actually they should have put OTHER instead of none of them

it is a TORONTO based paper…“none of them” is kind of an insult to the CFL…wankers…this is what we deal with. :roll:

that is very funny…and thanks for voting…it does make a difference here.

Hamilton or TORONTO…it does not matter who you vote for just 1 of those 2.THANKS!

THANKS to all who have voted and who may vote.........this helps allot.

yay, CFL has 46% of the vote

I voted for Toronto and then tried again 30 minutes later, but it thanked me for voting already and stopped me the second time. Rats. Wonder how those Rider fans always do it? Just kidding. :roll:

thanks to all who voted and for the extra info :smiley: …it is gone now…

Tried to vote at the site...but couldn't find where to go

Really kind of an unfair poll. To get a more realistic response, they should have asked"Other CFL team" and "Other NFL team" rather than "None of the Above". I'm sure with that option, the CFL teams would have romped.

They always have misleading polls ragarding the CBC and the CFL.They think that the U.S. , the NFL and BUSH , are GODS. :roll:

And this poll was done on the first day of the NFL season.The poll didn't stay long........maybe they didn't like the answer. :roll:

What is really pathetic is that they sponsor the ARGOS.

They take with 1 hand and stab with the other.

Thanks for the interest…but it is gone now…maybe they didn’t like the answer. :lol: