Please tell me, why are the Argonauts so interesting?

Hey, let's face it, we all know as CFL fans that the last place the CFL is really significant in numbers in relation to the size of the city is Toronto, and yet we are very interested in them as we talk about them here a fair bit etc. It's weird. My guess is because we know even though they aren't the real "biggie" team in Toronto, they do count a lot because it's the media capital of Canada. My guess anyways? I don't know. :?

Mind you, I absolutely love the name Argonauts as a team name, has to be up there in the top 10 team names in all of sports - sort of makes a team like the Golden State Warriors seems trivial really. And let me see - Blue Jays vs Argonauts - Blue Jays aren't anywhere near as iconic, not even close.

I think that's exactly why. As much as it pains me to say it, the Argos being good is a positive for the CFL. As much as my blood bleeds Black & Gold, and therefore wouldn't mind if the Argos went 0-18 every year, I know their viability is good for the league.

i think the rough last two seasons, and the whole sales changes they have been making, they have become a very interesting team for us to keep track of. kinda of like how we felt for the Cats. I think out here in the west... they got some great talent from Calgary(barker and cope). And to have an east team, especially The almost american Toronto, lookin at a Canadian Qb... thats a good buzz. honestly, on the Calgary sports radio, they talk argos now. the buzz is a lot of fun. thats just my opinion. nothing from my end about the media capital. Also, i like Braley. i wish there were some owners as dedicated as him. except for the blackouts. The only things that would make the argos more Buzz worthy is if flutie came back. But thats just my opinion. Also having Toronto and Edmonton playing an exibition game this year in the east... thats awesome. the two most successful teams in the modern era.

I think its has to do with the fact that team has been an embarrassment to the CFL on and off the field the past two seasons.
Now it appears, they actually have a credible foundation to their team, but in what is usually rare in the CFL, they go into the season as a true rebuilding team. That's what's interesting, and why people will be fascinated to see what they do this season.

i agree totally. that has me interested. i dont think people have the expectations this year either that they did with bart A.

There's a little wishful thinking it for me. A healthy, successful, winning Argos is always better for the league than a beleaguered, underachieving doormat.

Remember that 25% of the Toronto market is twice as big as 75% of the Saskatchewan market. The sheer size of the Ontario market of 14 million people means that while the CFL may not be No. 1 there, they are a considerable force nationally. It is said that southern Ontario drives the CFL ratings, normally accounting for 40% of the viewers in English Canada.

It's that age old reason because the rest of Canada hates us, the Argos by default are caught in the middle.

The Argos are the CFL's soap opera. Simple as that.

I actually really like the Argos, so I think it's great to see that they are starting over from scratch.

i just enjoy when teams from toronto suck and the argos are certainly gonna suck. the one interesting part about them is not knowing how bad they will suck.. could we have a 0-18 team? thats interesting.

Don’t you guys know Toronto is the centre of the universe. lol

The past decade has been an interesting one. I started following the ARGO’s much closer around 2002-2003. As a kid (late 1980’s early 1990’s) I was a big fan. But then seemed to go away from the Argo’s and CFL. The ARGO’s where hitting rock bottom. (so were the ti-cats) if I can remember in 2002, I started to pay attention, go to a few games to show my support. Over the years I came back into the CFL family. I didn’t want my city to lose it’s oldest and greatest franchise. This team as been up and down so many times.

So why are they interested.

lets see new owner, new coach, new offense, new defense, new quarterbacks, interesting QB competition, Canadian QB, new running backs. coming of two horrible seasons.

and they fact they have the best Colours, uniform, mascot and name. IS WHY THE ARGONAUTS are so interesting.

It pains me to cheer for the ti-cats, but I actually cheered for the ti-cats in 2004,2005,2006. I really wanted Greg Marshall to succeed and open the door to other Canadian born coaches.

Ti-cats are very positive to the league and City of Hamilton. I wish them just enough success to be stable and lose to the Argos in the East finals.

Well I am taking the opposite position because we don't need inflated egos any more than already any time soon in Toronto.

If I have to cheer for a team in the East it is Hamilton, which is a city from what I can tell needs a serious boost in solidarity and morale. I have nothing against Montreal otherwise, but hey they won it last year so enough is enough with that but more than likely they'll win the East again.

In a fantasy world and given what I have seen in some of these posts from various fans as a new fan to the league, I would hope that Toronto manages to beat Winnipeg at least twice and Saskatchewan once for three wins.

I think the Argos are attracting so much attention because they are the league's biggest question mark. Every other team --even Winnipeg -- has at least some level of stability, some measure of continuity, from last season. The Argos have absolutely none. Though I don't think anyone is fooling themselves into believing they have a shot this year, no one has any clue how good or how bad they will be. Then there's the question of how long the Argo braintrust (now that there is finally a brain involved) will put up with losing during the rebuilding process. Braley isn't the type to tear down and start from scratch every time they finish below .500.

Argonauts are interesting? News to me...