Please tell me that they are adding player bios soon!!

Great site, but i was really looking foward to the new player bios.

There will be NEW bios, right?

Hello all,

Just had a sneak peek at the player stats pages...

The system will list each player.. and if you click on their name you get a list of totals for every year... if you click on a year you get totals for every game in that year... very cool. .. MRX has done an excellent job developing the pages...

The stats are dated as of 1995.. which is when the CFL started keeping stats in a Database format. We will be adding in player stats for players pre-dating the system shortly. I don't have an ETA as of yet but they should be ready shortly....


Thanks for the update. Keep up the good work.

thats awsome.. do you have an aproximate date when all the stats will be done being added?

We have to go back into the archives... could take a few weeks to do every game. The current stats should be up this week I hope but no later than next.

It would be appreciated if you could boost the stats of the players in my Fantasy pool. Of course, you don't HAVE TO, but I would certainly be thankful.

Speaking of that, why doesn't you, Kahluaz, Ron, and the other employees join us in that huddle-centered game? We would love to beat CFLers at their own game... :stuck_out_tongue:

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Hmmm Myself, Ron and Kahluaz in a pool... I can't speak for the others but when it comes to sports I am great with computers...

Thank you for the invitation but CFL employees don't bet/gamble on sports...that's the rules.


Only honor is involved. :wink:

no money is exchanged in my pool, its just for fun.

Too Right! :smiley:

Any updates about the player bios??

Tonight the season begins, and yet the same old acrobat.