Please tell me Canadians are NOT into Rapp!!!!!!

Good God!!!!!! This band SUCKS!!!!!!

You got that right

Tell me about it.

urban music is not that big here.

but they are trying to get a younger audience.

Oh well....gave me time to restock the pee! :wink:

lol isnt this an american band anyways ... :stuck_out_tongue:

hip-hop NEVER sounds good live...they get exposed for what they truely are....puppets for the industry.

They don't even have a CLUE as to what the Grey Cup is!!!!!

:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

Does it ever sound good???

Best half time performance ever for a Grey Cup. Thank god there was no drab band like the HTragicvally Hip performing.

Not to mention Esks DOMINATED the first half. Hope they do the same in the second!!!!!


That was pure c(rap).

That was pure c(rap).

You're kidding???? PLease tell me you're kidding!!!!

..........pooey..........pure baby mustard...........

Sorry guys a typo, but you know what it is so applicable.

I'll take Shania Twain bundled in a Parka over this band any day!!!! And I don't even like Country music.

i dont like the HIp either, but it would be better than this....i think....actually, i dunno....the hips singer has a whiney voice, and no talent at all....toss up

Props to Vancouver for putting on the best Grey Cup Canada's ever seen.

You really need to get out more!