Stop using the screen pass it doesn't work for us. Remember the Sask. game we loss yards every time. Its because of our NEW, YOUNG receivers they are still learning how to catch the ball they don't know how to block in the CFL with the wide field.Im not knocking them but it takes time to learn how to block the experienced corner backs in this league.

Second of all winning teams have pass plays that are 10 yards or more. Watch us we do a 7 and 8 yard pass and we hope the receivers gets the other 2 to 3 yards. Have them run and curl or post pattern for 10 -12 yards then catch the ball. :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

I agree that the screen pass does not work, however, Kevin Glenn can't throw the ball 10+ yards with any amount of accuracy... so... screen pass it is.

We will NEVER win with the QB situation that we have... get used to mediocracy.

If Glenn is given adequate protection from the O-line, he'll do fine. He may not be able to throw 50 yard bombs but he can certainly throw more than 10 yards.

Yeah, and while we're at it. DEFENSE please STOP the screen pass. Every game the opposing team gets first downs and decent gains when they throw screen passes. For example the game in Calgary they were throwing screens to Joffrey Reynolds over and over and we didn't stop him the whole game. Then in some games they seemed to be assigning Baggs for this task, but he doesn't have the speed to be pursuing like that off the line. I think in a lot of Chamblin's schemes he loads up the players for something like a blitz but then leaves other areas vulnerable and exposed.

Personally, I think this is more important than us not using the screen. Pretty much every other team uses this against us very effectively. Even the Blew team runs this against us, e.g. the TD immediately following the horrendously bad PI call last week.

As for us not being able to execute the screen well, we didn't use it much last year, and usually lost yards on it when we did. So I'm not convinced it's solely due to inexperienced receivers, although that may play into it to some extent. Maybe it's because we don't disguise it well enough? Is Glenn or the O-line tipping the defence off somehow? (The only common aspect between the two years.)

There is a difference between a "bubble screen" and the normal screen to a back out of the backfield. Cobourne has had success against the Als with the screen which sucks the defense toward the quarterback while the "bubble" is a quick outside screen to a wide receiver or slot. Big Ben of the Steelers threw the quick bubble screen against the " Ravines"and had it picked. With the speed of a Wallace or a Chris Williams, the play can go all the way but usually it gets 5-7 yards. :smiley:

Pat Lynch(the old guy)

There is something wrong with the blocking scheme. The extra wide CFL field is a real asset to players who are real burners like Thigpen or Williams. With their speed and extra space they should be able to turn the corner and tear down the sidelines for big gains but it's not happening. They are being pursued by the LBs almost instantaneously and by the time we get to the sidelines the DBs are there to cut us off too, usually for a loss. I'm not sure why opposing defenses are able to read it so well.