Please stop adding pasted quotes in your responses!

It's hard to not be a little frustrated by a response thats 3 pages of scrolling for a 12 word post!


I assume this topic is an exercise in reverse psychology.

Sorry. By "topic" I meant "thread".

Now i’m triggered!?

You expected something different? :wink:

yeah, lets see how long we can keep it going :slight_smile:

I suspect so.

That said, and in defence of the OP, a little common sense can help.

How many pages can we go??!

The problem is that there aren't any multi-paragraph posts in this set of quotes.

Perhaps if someone were to write an essay on the subject that we could all respond to (and of course, quote in our response)?

I'd be happy to do an essay on this, but my wrist is just too sore, from all the scrolling down done in threads here, to do a lot of typing.

Well, they do say a picture's worth a thousand words, so here goes.

The problem is especially bad when the forum is viewed on a small screen such as a mobile device.

One needs context.

but there is an obvious answer to that :slight_smile:

Not if the only device available right then is a mobile device.

And yes, I edited that post to make it twelve words long.

sure there is, just wait until you can get to a better device :slight_smile:

But what's the fun in that? (And your post was thirteen words.)

Twelve words are just fine
Writing three lines of fixed length
Is a true art form