Please Start Kevin Glen next week

I like Mr Porter but he just did not do his Job tonight
He can't seem to make it to his 2ND 3rd or other Reads...
He just run ... Glen will get rid of ball quicker and He not make Rookie Mistakes

Sit Porter for a few games and let him learn how Pro a Dose it.
the kid will be star but if send in BC and he loses we could crush him

I win the pool!!!!!!

One hour.

A new record!

How can you get to your 2nd and 3rd reads when you have no protection or the receivers are getting open.

Porter was good at getting the ball to the checkdown receiver.

I don't think there is any reason to start Glenn next week. Porter played well enough to get the nod next week.

I don't think that Glenn is any better. Porter will not learn on the bench. He has to go through the ups and downs himself.

The receivers have to get better separation next week and the line needs to have a better game.

That’s no record, that the NORM around here, I’d be surprised if there WASN’T a “sit/cut/bench” the starter" thread in under an hour after a loss!

Also Why George Hudson a Healthy Scratch Peter look like a Rookie out there .
Start Hudson next week

Let Porter play. I like what I saw from him. He can move, and has an arm. Lets open up the play book Mr. MB.

So what happens if we start Glen and get blown away? Do we start Tafralis? Nothing against Glen, I like Glen, and always have, but Porter is here to start!

Porter even said he hangs on to ball to long
Glen Gets rid of it alot quicker .. That my Biggest beef with Starting Porter next week

Aw, I predicted that a "Start Glenn" thread would appear here during the 3rd quarter of tonight's game. :slight_smile:

Seriously though, Porter did seem to hold onto it too long, and threw a few bad passes. But would Glenn have done much better?

Glenn did not replace Porter at any point during this game, so it seems that the team would like to stay the course and have Porter gain more valuable experience. He did seem to look like he could use some more experience tonight. But I think it was Forde who suggested that the team doesn't want to create a QB controversy.

I think Porter will and should start next week. It's too soon to give up on having him start, IMHO.

I agree....let Porter continue and get Cobb activated ASAP . And start stretching the defense by going deep to Rodriguez when it counts and not in dead time.

Getting the ball off quicker to who? The playcall did not stretch the defence enough for long throws to be made. There wasn't any backfield blocker for most of the night, so Porter was left to dodge pass rushers that broke the initial wall or simply tuck it in and run.

There was little misdirection or guile. Pretty much an open book for the Argos to defend. If we run the same approach using Glenn against BC, I think we will get smoked.

Crushing a young QB? I recall last year Porter played in BC and the Lions wiped the floor of BC Place with him. IMHO, when he falls off the horse, get him back on PDQ. The time to develop him is now, that means reps. The team HAS to have something it needs to stick to in order to progress, no?

Oski Wee Wee,

I thought Porter held onto the ball too long because no one was open. When he saw this, he took off running.

Even if Glenn plays and Porter watches and learns, we are still going to go through the ups and downs with Porter when he comes back in. I would rather take this year for him to get his kinks work out and show improvement game to game than to have Glenn start for a few games and set Porter’s progress back more games.

Glenn can teach QP in practice.

I do agree that he some times hold on a little to long. But if you you have to take some things into consideration. If he forces the ball, mistakes happen, the quick release can get old quick (calvillo is an exception). If we see the same 5 yard reads I saw in preseason, and what the plays were calling for today, then I dont think is makes a difference. Start Porter, and let him grow into the QB we have been searching for. Glen is the back up, and a good one at that! I did not see Porter struggle to night. I saw a limited play book, with no break out plays.

Leave Porter alone. I don't know what they did to this kid but something changed from last year. He is second guessing himself on almost every pass. That is exactly opposite of what he did last year. That is why he was successful. Whatever the coaches are doing stop it right now. Porter must start all games if we are going to get ourselves a QB for the future so get over it. Lastly get Hudson over the ball because Hage is completely incompetent at this position. Maybe put him at guard.

I have an idea. Why don't we leave Porter in there until we are officially eliminated from the playoffs maybe in the 5th or 6th week. That's what we've done for the past 3-5 years so why should we do anything different this year. We left Maas in too long and we left Printers in too long so why not keep up the trend here. Let's not follow BCs lead, which seems to be able to interject any one of three QBs at any time and have success. You know there is nothing wrong with pulling the rookie for the veteran to give the rookie an opportunity to see the game from the sidelines. We'll never know what Glenn can do until we give him a chance with the starting lineup in a real game.
no one is attacking Porter, most agree that he has lots of upside for the future. But the future is not now. He needs some work, He needs to see more of the CFL game from the sidelines. If they start Porter next week against BC, he will get creamed. And that's not good for a rookie QB.

I dont know what is going on with george but my seat is right behind the Ti-Cat Bench, and I did not see him at all on the sideline. I know he is on the dressing list so is he injured???

Also In regards to Porter. I would first like to say that i liked what i saw from him and right now people are saying losing games will decrease his confidence, what is also true is that being benched will lower his confedence ever more (expecially in the 3rd/4th quarter of the first few games (i will say 5 for now)

This is a star in the making and I think that instead of reverting to the same boast and then ditch idea that has been developing over the past 5 years with coaching staff and QB's. we (the fans) really have to have a change in mentality towards the players and coachs. They will get the job done, its just that the fans start to give up on them before the first game is even done. The reason why they didnt throw long is because the game plan involved throwing short passes more often which was effective Unfortunately a number of the Recievers were not always open (hence the wont be thrown the ball) and Porter had to throw to the same 3 players that continuiously got open (PR, Culley, and 1). what this Offence has to learn to d is Finish. It is not like they are going out on a 2-0 basis, they almost always got a couple first downs and then were stopped.

On the defence, the DB's either give too much space and leave too much cusion to make their job harder to tackle, or get up in the WR faces and do not pay attention to the ball until the runner has gone by them

No he is fine He just told he would not play much

When is the future? the future is next week. Glen had his chance with Winnipeg, and now its porters. I may have a few people having some comments after this... But I have always been a fan off the: Throw them to the wolves approach. Let him play, and learn to adjust. If he is to be out starter now, or next year. Time on the bench is lost time. Time on the field is how you learn. Playing real games, in real time, not playing mop up, or not playing at all. At work we trained some one with the "let them sit, and learn approach" well guess what, they are still learning. So a couple weeks later we took the "throw them to the wolves approach" well I have never seen a person learn so fast. They were forced to make adjustment and make them quick. This person seams like they have been at this place of work for years, as the person who was hired earlier still appears confused...

so, say we start Glenn next week in BC, we lose, what then?, Tafralis? thats ridiculous, you're calling for Porter to sit after one loss, which wasnt all his fault, he played ok, yeah he didnt have a GREAT game but he was pretty good.

JOSEPH, K 29 14 227 3 0

PORTER, Q 40 26 229 2 2

these stats are pritty similar in comparison and to say one has a GC ring and the other is a first year starter is pritty damn good in my opnion. Porter is coming a long and by the middle of the season i think that the fans will have some more positive talking going on because of W's.

Also, i forgot to say that the score really should have been 24-30 istead of 17-30 because of the missed FG and the major missed call by reffs on the return (and missed challenge by MB - refs make mistakes too and you have a yellow flag for a reason) I alm also leaving out that pic in the end zone, so really this was a much closer game than most think.

All the O has to do is finish because when the O was doing well i noticed that the D caught the symptoms of doing good and started to get pressure and sacks (they had 4 sacks, and a batted ball)

I am not saying Sit him for good .. Just 1 or 2 Games.
He not making the 2nd and 3rd Reeds they Glen Can
Maybe making him sit will help

we can't afford a 0-2 0-03 or 0-5 Start ..