Please Sign Someone Marcel!!!!!

I think Ike Charlton and Patrick Dorvelus or Rahim Abdullah are the guys we need to sign they are the only decent players left. Well other than Carl Kidd but our GM doesn't like him for some reason.

Sign someone or just cfl veterans? There is a lot of import talent to pick from in the US. It seems Marcel, Smith, McCarthy and crew have been busy scouting this winter. Guys like Nattiel, Moreno, Setta or others might be known names by this time next year - who would have known rookie DBs Cox or Kent when Montreal brought them in last year?

Well other than Carl Kidd but our GM doesn't like him for some reason.
Or the other 7 GMs lined up to sign him.

carl kidd is overrated, he is just like joey porter, except that he lacks the talent.

why do you always compare CFL players to NFL players? they are nothing alike

Abdullah and maybe Belli are the only FA's worth a look now. We did well getting Loescher, and if our scouting and drafting pays off, our team will be competitive.

I figured it out! Marcel wants to make a team full of players released from other teams!In other words , not good enough players or passed by players!Get real!

It just seems like Marcel has took a nap after the Nautyn McKay-Loescher signing. I guess he just figures we are good enough and we don't need anymore quality players. :roll:

But I'll still support the team cuz like it or not they are our boys on that field and they well get better with time. Hopefully or Marcel will cut the hole team and sign one player lmao!

Outside of McKay-Loescher, Morgan, Samuels and Thewell there really isnt and solid contributors worth signing.

Ya I know but if you make a point by cutting Cheatwood, Cotton, Vaughn and trade Goss at least make a great offer to Samuels or Morgan. Because they are truely the best players in that Free Agent list. Not to mention Samuels is a young amazing DB and morgans experience would be just what we needed to help us win more games.

Actually, that is not a bad comparison. They both aren't the best at their position but they certainly do enough trash talking to make you think they are.

For everyone who's ripping Desjardins for not signing more guys, you have to remember, he has to sell this team to potential free agents. Why would they want to go to the worst team in the league last year? Sure he can throw around big contract offers, but even if our offer is higher than another team, the player might just decide he's got a better chance to win on another team.

Remember how embarrassing our team played last year? I'm sure that's not a big selling point to attract free agents. We didn't even compete in a lot of games.

The Ticats are too cheap! Every year when free agency roles around they never get the elite players only role players. Look at the Ticats roster and besides Tay Cody and Cory Holmes things aren’t looking good for 07. To have a good team you have to pay good players. That is why so many players leave Hamilton and become all stars or good players elswhwere.

i would like to see this mccarthy, and smith and even taaffe bring in some guys that we scouted our selves. every other team does it why not us. i think with MD and CT experiences we'll eventually find some great players.

Any marquee free agent is going to go for $120,000+… I know we have playmaker positions that need to be filled but that kind of money can bring in 3 prospects. Its all a matter if we’ve actually put a competative US scouting system in place to find the hidden gems & the best imports and non-imports comming out of college.

the cats aleady signed the best back up D lineman thats all we need to win a Grey Cup and keep Bob from staving

r u kididng me last year we grabbed 3 of the best in FA in ranek hudson and mariuz off the bat, too cheap no, this year we r following the Cap, but i also would like to see some more signings.. 1 guy in 3 days is bad man, we need some more dudes on our squad with experience man

"This implied strategy, namely trying to build a team around free agent signings is not one we are going to follow."

The Caretaker.

The logical signing possibilities left as of February 20 are Jamal Richardson and Raheem Abdullah given the Belli signing in T.O. and the apparent disinterest Desjardins publicly expressed re Kidd.

If there is no other FA signing, there had better be one heck of a draft and recruitment drive from down south because as of right now the Flick & Smith deal is still a loss on paper, IMHO.

Time will tell.

Oski Wee Wee,

the questions isnt spending money, its signing the right players, and ive said it all along there is no salary cap on coaching/scouting, i wouldnt mind seeing more coaches and money spent scouting, because the more tools you have to analyze talent the better the chances are of selecting diamonds in the rough.