Please send apologies here.....

I want to start by addressing some of my best supporters on this site. habman sigpig espo willthethrill red white, half the distance i may be forgetting one of you but it really is not important. after reading the spec today it became painfully obvious that brock ralph was ashamed of what he did. even the edmonton coach would hope brock gets some "payback" for the dirty play. Not one mention not even a peep from ralph about being kicked. only a regret that he wished he handled himself better.

 Just wanted to shut some of you people up. you dont really understand football and this topic really hit the nail on the head. i couldnt help but crack a smile while reading this article. well enjoy your day kids and remember knowing is half the battle. GO CATS

More importantly: Ralph apologized, Gass wants some payback, even though he already got his.

Also, calling out people who disagreed with you in a thread? Come on! Is that really necessary? Couldn't you just post this little self-righteous blurb in the other thread?

More importantly, who cares? Just because you feel that you're right doesn't necessarily mean you are. Even if you are, why should they care that they were wrong an a message board?

"Oh no, we were wrong on a message board! Whatever shall we do?"

I'm sure they're just quaking in the glow of your correctitude.

aaaaaaa feels good.

What does? The fact that you're making an ass of yourself?

Very well said Pseudo. (Who says I don't give out compliments and am always negative and nasty?)

I am not even going to ask what you are doing to yourself that feels so good.

lol i just like when loud mouths on this site get proven wrong. whats wrong with that. just having some fun.

I have no stake in this because I wasn't involved in the earlier threads. But I wanted to go on record as saying that I think it would be just great if everyone used this board to start new threads pumping up their own sense of self-righteousness. That alone will make me want to check in many times each day. After all, who doesn't love to see anonymous internet posters talking about their feelings of vindication over some trivial matter?

And we hear, yet again, how we don't know football. Give me a break. :roll:

Expat my good friend. good point. but when people argue to no end about how disgusting gass was and cant even agree that brock was wrong and the play was dirty shows a something fundamentally wrong with their knowledge of the game. when an article is written that completely proves them wrong it is kind of funny to me. whats wrong with poking fun at the thread and some of the posters involved. we cant all sit around holding hands singing kum by yah my lord.

You state that "you (meaning others) dont really understand football". I am not quite sure how you know everyones sporting background but putting that aside I have a question for you:

What makes you so much more informed about the game of football than the rest of us?

I am sure that if you can provide a solid football background that your hecklers will back off.


haha mayor quimby if you only knew my background. and to anwser your question will the thrill was first to say his football background and use it to be a validation of his perspective.

People who make generic statements like "you don't understand football" are self-righteous snobs IMO.


ha if the statement was general and you took it as pertaining to yourself then maybe you have some thinking to do. dont put your insecurities on me. the statement you dont know football is pointed at all the people who thought what ralph did was ok and not dangerous.

I didn't take it as pertaining to myself at all newworldorder, I wasn't involved in prior conversations about this with you. I just don't think you or anyone for that matter should say that those people you were referring to don't understand football, they may just have a different opinion of you, whether they actually know the insides and out of football more or less than you - something which can't be proved anyway.
What do I think of Ralph's actions? Well, you know, this is sports and sometimes you react, rightly or wrongly, to how you interpret things. Ralph may have thought Braidwood pushed him into Maas. So he got back at Braidwood, in the heat of the game, on something that yes, you're not supposed to do, but man, it's sports. I remember in hockey once in front of the net, a defencemen nearly cut off my scrotum with his stick. I fell down and swung my stick hard and hit someone else who said that it wasn't him who did that. Did I care? Nope, I was swinging because I was pissed, this happens in sports and I would do it again in this situation in a moment. You have to protect yourself and stand up for your teammates otherwise you'll just be a pansy who gets no respect.

I would like to know your football background. Why are you so reluctant to provide it?

The only question I would like answered is about your football background. The other one was rhetorical. Obviously I gave you way too much credit in understanding that. My apologies for that.

never apologize its a sign of weakness. And dont worry about my background. its extensive to say the least.

Cant We All Just.. Get Along?

Earl your first sentence is all i had to read.