Please Remember to pay your respects

…one of the most solemn and revered places I’ve ever stepped foot in and shed a tear at on this earth…

…never forget…

Thank you to my grandfather who served in France and Holland during WW2.

My Grandfather on my dad's side fought in WW 1 at Vimy Ridge.
I had 5 uncles on my mom's side that fought in Sicily during WW 2.

All came back alive. They never told me any war stories when I was a kid.
My parents told me to back off. They did not want to talk about it.

It is because of all Canadians and our Allies who fought , we enjoy the life today we take for granted.
Including the CFL.
Every time I attend a game, and stand for O'Canada, I have gratitude for those men and women.
Past and present.

Any of you ever sit back and wonder what life would be like if the good guys did not win ?

Not many left today from WW2 , few still left from the Korean War and we have new veterans in our recent conflicts in the middle east . They all deserve our respect and gratitude today .

History channel is doing another exemplary job tonight . The Black Watch and the Falaise Gap are both documentary's giving honor to our veterans . I have to watch myself when the old guys tear up I end up in tears too ( touching emotional stuff ) .

did anyone catch the one veteran being interviewed on CH TV during the coverage at the war plane museum?

Tim Bolland (whom I generally respect) clearly stepped over a line when asking the veteran a question. The Vet almost cried on national tv....but it wasn't the sorrow that got me, it was the pure fear in his eyes as the vet remembered back...

Tim kept asking him what he felt during the time at war, close calls, etc, and you could see the vet was just beside himself...finally the vet mustered "i hope no one ever has to go through that again..."

It was so heart wrenching....

Hardest thing I've ever watched on tv.....ever!

Great pictures. I've been to Vimy and Beaumont-Hamel and to Coriano Ridge in Italy, plus a number of others. Was quite the trip seeing these places...

There is a few of us on this site who did peacekeeping tours in the 90's and a few recent Afghan vets.

The cfl has a long history supporting serving military personnel