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Hey Everyone

I would just like to say that I miss reading our forums, but there is a reason why I'm posting this!

See I have been away from the our forum for a wile now because my mother has been in the hospital recovering from brain sergury. She had 5 anurisms, they say 1 is enough to kill you but what can I say only ticat fans are tough enough to survive something like this!

A little about my mother she has been a huge ticats fan her whole life, taking me to every game since I was old enough to remember. She has always had the hots for Earl the pearl Winfield, and we have had the privlege to meet him several times since he is a friend of my fathers co-worker, so anyway the night that Earl was put up on the wall of honor I brought my mother to the game for a change and she was in aww like she always is when she sees "Her Earl-ie" and she was in tears that night to see him respected in such a way.

So now my mother lays in a hospital bed recovering from brain sergury and I'm left to wonder if she still remebers the Ti-Cats and all the amazing memories we have had at Ivor Wynne. This is extremely hard for me to write I'm only 18 years old and this is the hardest thing I have ever gone through I am in tears just writing this but I can't help but mention it to all of you.

I'm just waiting for the day that I will be able to enjoy a Ti-Cats game with my mother again. I Miss You Mum And I Love You!!!

Godbless each and every Tiger-Cats Fan

If you see a guy wearing a black Ti-Cats jersey with 88 and BONDS on the back at a game thats me! Just say Hey as I will be at 90% of our games! and as soon as my mother recovers she will be right beside me cheering on the Cats!

Thanks Everyone For Taking The Time To Read My Story!

I hope all works out well and you get to enjoy many more games with your mom.

Stay strong. My thougths are with you.

Hey Bonds,

Hang in there, big guy! Hope your Mum is doing well and makes a speedy recovery!

Thanks for writing your story GBond, takes a lot of guts and courage to do this. Praying for a speedy recovery for your Mom.

Thanks for sharing that with is very therapeutic to know that you have friends! We are all pulling for her!

I think I know how you're feeling - a long time ago, when I was just a bit younger than you are, I was in the same situation, but with my father. It's tough enough being 18 without having to deal with what you're dealing with.

I know how important things like a shared love for a football team can be when a family is going through the rough stuff.

Best of luck to you and your mom.


Best of luck to your mom Gbonds, you sound like a son that your mom could be very proud of and i`m sure she wants nothing more than to go more Ticat games with a son like you . Think positive ok !!!

It's things like this that put it into perspective for those of us who complain about small, unimportant things.

Thanks for sharing your story with us, I know how hard it must have been for you. Know that my prayers are with you and your family right now and that your mom has a whole city of Ticat fans pulling for her. To have raised a great son like you, she must be a wonderful and strong woman, have faith that she will come through this and be back booing the refs at IWS in no time.

Thanks a lot everyone it was great reading the support and prayers. I would just like to add it has already been 3 weeks and most of the tough recovering is over and now it is just the time that seems to be ticking so slowly in her recovery. But I know my mom will pull through all of this and she will be back at Ivor Wynne in no time, that day will be one of the best visits in my life just knowing that this hard time is over and done with. So thanks again everyone for the support!

hang in there gbond,the ticat nation is behind you.we'll see you and your mom at lots of ticat games.

I as well wish the best for your mother and wholy family. I could not imaginge if I was in the same situation at such a piviotal time of my life. I as well wish the best for your mother and whole family. I could not imagine if I was in the same situation at such a pivotal time of my life. Hang in there and thanks for the wonderful story of CFL fans that enjoy the game.

Best wishes for a speedy recovery but like someone mentioned, Ticat fans are a tougher breed and Im sure she's already got her comeback underway.
If you're not already a season holder contact me through the site whenever she's up, I'd be more than happy to supply you and her with a couple of front row seats right on an aisle and no more than a dozen steps to climb.
Good Luck.

That would be amazing. I just got home from the hospital and she was in an upright position looking around and breathing on her own cuz they took here breathing tube out of her mouth, I was able to give her a kiss and tell her about all the support we are recieving from all of you guys and family and friends. I also was wearing my Ti-cats jersey today and asked her if she remembers “Her Earlie” (Earl Winfield) and she squeezed my hand hard and I just started balling! I just said thats my mother! Tough A$$ Tammy The Ti-Cats fan!

Got your PM and just keep my name handy, I'd love to spend a few hours with someone deserving of the name 'tough-ass Tammy the Ticats Fan'

Definately sounds like my kind of Girl.

PS: you better be recording any games she's missed. :wink:

lol ya I wish I could record the games but my VCR is all messed up and I'm sure she would cringe at the game finals and how we have been playing but hey thats hamilton it takes a few tough losses but once we get on a roll watch out.

What is your moms name and what hospital is she in.?

My thoughts and prayers are with you at this difficult time. Your mother will get better and you two will once again be together cheering the Cats onto victory.

I would post what hospital she is staying at but I still have to check if she is allowed anything in her room. Also she is in the ICU and they are pretty stricked on what comes in and out. But thank you for all your support!

My Mothers Name Is

Tammy Bonds

Nice post GBONDS. Our prayers will be with your Mom for a speedy and full recovery. God bless my friend!