Please read this Mr. Young, it's not negative I promise

I think Bob should take the entire team WITHOUT ANY COACHES into a room, lock the door and ask them all individually what that player thinks can be done. Let them vent as much as they want. NOTHING will leave the room. Bob can then asses the info and act how he sees fit.

I see a team that has no faith in the system or the coaches running it.

I see players being forced into a system rather than a system designed with the players abilities in mind.

Of course, the only ones that know the true story %100 are the players and they're not allowed to say A THING because they're all afraid of being fined/released.

Why would the players hate the coaches? They are allowed to do anything, make any mistakes and not get punished for it. 150 yards in penalties every week..there is no discipline.

Walker with that horrible decision..and guess what he's out the very next play returning the kickoff.

Why would the players want to bring in coaches that will actually make them accountable for their actions?

well maybe not ALL the time i do remember once:

I remember a couple weeks ago, a ticats db or lb made a boarderline late hit on the opposing player and taffe sits him (which he shouldnt have).. the very next play the guys replacement gets burned for a big reception..

This is like a comic book, its like a cartoon, its actually FUNNY watching this garbage.
How could you not LAUGH with disgust at Walker's brainfart. Its something you should NEVER see on a professional football team.
Dropped passes, getting a fumble then giving it right back for a touchdown, penalties erasing any good defensive stop or offensive gain..
Its a joke.

yah, Jo Jo should have been benched...shouldn't Curry be handling those duties anyway?