Please put Adrian Tracy back on the active roster

Now that we have Eric Norwood back we need to bring back Adrian Tracy on the active roster somehow. That guy has been a beast when we play him. I know we have Justin Hickman but hes not the same Justin Hickman like he was back in 2011. I think hes lost a step a bit compared to what i have seen with Adrian Tracy. What do you all think???


X2 :thup:

So far so good for Adrian.

I think we are lucky to have Adrian Tracy on the roster to fill in if Norwood or Hickman get injured. The coaching staff have decided to go with Hickman for now and I'll trust them in that decision.

it'd kinda be nice if all 3 could be on the active roster, rotating through to keep everyone on the line fresh

That's not going to happen. That's what Gascon-Nadon and Hazime are there for.

And frankly, I haven't seen any drop-off in talent when they are playing, either.

Did you see The Hitman Hickman vs Sask? He was unstoppable

Sorry I had to bump this one. You were saying about Hickman? :wink:

I have to admit Justin Hickman was a beast in that game. I do like Adrian Tracy but I have to admit, Hickman looked like he was in 2011 form tonight. He must have read my post lmao

The D-Line was dominant today. They are a force to be reckoned with :rockin:

If AT could play ST's as well as rotate with EN and JH then he might make the active roster. As it currently stands, his only hope is either a trade, or heaven forbid, an injury to one of the two starters ahead of him. :slight_smile:

I cannot remember when we last had such a dominating D line. Perhaps in 1986, or 1967? :thup: :thup: :thup:

I am so happy with this team, I cannot truthfully explain it. Having lived through some dark years since 1999 (including the one win season - thank God for the green team that year) I am literally over the moon and covered in bruises (where I have asked The Wife to pinch me - to see if I was dreaming). :oops:


To be honest, i wouldnt trade Adrian Tracy at all. Hes an effective backup to Hickman and Norwood and with our history of injuries these 6 games i would keep him as a safety net.

Sorry, but I wasn't suggesting the Cats trade him, I was only saying that was one of two ways he might see action.

So, 1999 with Montford, Philbrick, Cummins, and Floyd wasn’t any good? Seems to me they took care of Calgary in the GC that year… lol

Sorry to have missed thinking of that one. :lol: :lol: :lol:

My original train of thought was that Tracey would take Norwoods spot eventually but i admit i was wrong. Norwood has been unstoppable.

My Cats history doesnt go that far back but the front seven in '11 season was deadly


I think they lead the league in sacks that year as well