please,pursue some"players"

i think it's a given that the majority of the players brought in under marcel were just not good enough.
i would like to see the cats raid the best teams in the league for their FA's. is geroy free? give casey someone to throw to, until you do that you aren't getting the most for the dough you spent on him. give him bruce, rambo,simon, i don't care, make this receiving corps dangerous with armstead already there.
i don't think the oline is too far away-another camp together, they'll be alright anchored by marwan hage.
make piercy your FB and trade radlein-if he's not considered one of the best fb's already, he won't be one.he can't catch and is damaged goods.
for the offense'they've got to get rid of;
a davis,a bagwell, donnelly,jo jo walker,rashaun woods,radlein-trade and get rid of brock-send him to calgary to be with his bro.
as for the d-not far off but alot of dead wood.
again, raid the best-b.c. is lavar glover or donte marsh a fa? when you raid the best you also begin to change the culture from not knowing how to win to knowing how to win.need a sam lb, set with moreno and armour, put karikari at free, cody at half, bradley back to the corner and plug in players from WINNING programs elsewhere.if you get bruce, he's your returner or inquire about levingston's status.
i know it's alot but i don't think anyone would be happy without major, major upgrades.they got rid of marcel the person already, they need to start to get rid of his body of work and fix his friggin' mistakes.
players to get rid of on d
jamacia jackson,delgardo,tiller,roberts,hodges,matt clark,and ryan glasper-this guy was brought in to replace renard cox?another case of change just to change.oh yeah, one last thing, please get a sack master that can and will bring the heat.
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I like some of your ideas. I think that the o-line is further off than you do. I think that a few guys have to go and some proven winners put in their place. I think the receivers and backs are good. With better protection for the QBs the specialists improve.

As for the D, the ends are great and if Dunbrack comes back they need 2 more DTs that can rotate in. A force in the middle opens things up for the blitz. I agree with you on the LBs. One more stud and they are one of the best in the league. The secondary is still a mistery to me. I wonder what you think of getting a NASTY safety that plays like Hitchcock did in his prime. Someone who can kill from the middle. I'm not sure that the team has that guy yet. I like Cody back at wide side half where he rocked at the blitz and run stuffing. Other than that I thnk you are right on track.


i don't think the o-line is so far off. Hage played amazing this year and Dyakowski played well. I thhink Eric Ince should get a chance, but other than that i think maybe a good right tackle and we'll be alright. I noticed alot of the pressure coming from the right side this year. I agree a good sacking D-End is needed(is Charlton Keith the answer?) As far as the secondary goes i think the whole thing needs to be blown up except for maybe Cody and KariKari, and maybe keep Beveradge as a good rotating guy. We need 1 more good linebacker. Running Backs is the strength of the team and nothing is needed, same with QB's, Printers is a good starter, Williams is an awesome backup and i think Chang is one of the better 3rd stingers. I would trade Brock Ralph for a draft pick, cut all receivers, keep Armstead and Curry as return men and i would also keep French and Bauman.

I agree with everything you said, except I think Karikari and Chang will be cut in camp next year.

The team really is not that close in most areas.
Agreed that the linebackers are the strength, but Armour is free to sell his services to the highest bidder on the free agent market.
Karikari was bad last year, can he play better...maybe.
Cody was the only keeper from the secondary, and the D-Line was a hurtin unit.
A healthy Hudson helps the O-Line, but they need to plug in a couple of upgrades especially a solid import left tackle.
The receivers need a make-over as well.
I would not throw away Woods. A former 1st round NFL pick has the raw skills to be a great CFL receiver.
Adding a proven #1 receiver puts things in perspective a little better. Armstead is a good #2, but a weak #1 starting WR. Relying less on Brock as a go to guy will help.
If Setta is back the kicking game is in great hands!

This will be addressed in the off-season. The Cats will sign the #1 free agent impact receiver available, guaranteed.

Think of it this way, what good is Printers if he has no proven deep threat to throw to?

Ken Yon Rambo ..